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    I never attended school, and while almost all of my clients get "custom" clips on their pets, it would be nice to have more than just a book to refer to! I think I could learn a lot just from seeing a seasoned groomer in action, such as how THEY brush, clip, hold, etc. I have gotten pretty speedy and always am very tidy and neat about my finished product. Just through practice I have learned what is efficient and comfortable for both me and the pet. Rather than ask a million individual questions, I would love a good set of videos to keep on hand and study. What are the favorites of this board?? (hopefully current styles too, LOL, not from the 70s!) BTW, I need DVDs. I read another post with some responses, but would like to see if there are more.

    Oh yeah, specifically, I need something on Terriers and Sporting Breeds. The groomer I worked with did a very nice job, but I don't think she ever did "correct clips", so I never saw them in action.
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    Sarah Hawks is well known for her Terrier expertise so her Short Legged and Long Legged Terrier videos are what I recommend. All of her videos are excellent! Pet Edge sells them and so does Les Poochs, but you'll need to call Les Poochs to order them, because their website prices are retail for the general public. You'll get a groomer's discount if you call instead.


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      Streaming video service

      Does anyone think there would be a market for viewing streaming videos online based on breeds? Or videos about the grooming business? I know there are good video sets to purchase, but it seems like some people may choose to buy a video on demand for a lower amount than having a set of videos that they may not use.

      Just a thought!


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        Barkleigh has all current grooming seminar videos

        I bought a bunch of dvds from last years groom expo from barkleigh. They are really great with updated information. Some snap on comb videos from both Romani and Stazko. I like to see everyone's different techniques.


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          Thanks so much for the responses everyone! I keep hearing of Sarah Hawkes...will definately check her videos out.


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            Grooming vidoes

            Some of the best videos on the market are by an excellent groomer named Debbie Stover. She has been grooming pets and show dogs professionally for 26 years and her videos can be found on this site,

            She also does consulting for those wanting to open a shop or go mobile. She is also getting ready to shoot many breed specific DVD's and offer online grooming courses to follow up with her videos that were done in 93. They have been carried by all the major wholesalers since she shot them.

            She is an amazing groomer and to watch her groom abd sscissor is like watching a sculptor. She is also available for private instruction and very individualized grooming courses in Dallas. She is an excellent instructor as well.

            Ms Dogbiz
            FW, TX