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  • New Tennessee Groomers Assn.

    The Tennessee Professional Groomers Association Incorporated is a
    Tennessee non-profit Corporation that was chartered and approved in
    the State of Tennessee on December 4, 2006.

    On December 6, 2006 several professional groomers with similar ideas
    and goals, met to ELECT a Board of Directors and Officers. By-laws
    were discussed and formulated. These will be completed before the end
    of the year for final review and acceptance..

    The Tennessee Professional Groomers Association Incorporated also
    filed and RECEIVED a Federal ID number.

    The group of members of THIS association adopted the following
    objectives and goals:

    The Tennessee Professional Groomers Association, Inc. is a nonprofit
    association formed in 2006 to promote the pet grooming industry in
    Tennessee to a higher level of professionalism. Members will
    subscribe to the Tennessee Professional Groomers Association Pledge of
    Professional Conduct. The Tennessee Professional Groomers Association,
    Inc. encourages development of the highest standards of service and
    ethical conduct in an effort to broaden public understanding of the
    grooming profession. Tennessee Professional Groomers Association is
    composed of groomers working in all areas of the pet care industry as
    well as students in recognized grooming educational programs, and
    supporters of the grooming profession who are interested not only in
    furthering their own professional development, but are also dedicated
    to the advancement of the grooming profession as a whole.
    Goals and Objectives:
    • To maintain high standards of performance in the grooming profession;
    • To inform members of developments in the grooming profession;
    • To encourage and provide continuing education for groomers;
    • To promote awareness and educate the community regarding the use of
    professional grooming services;
    • To foster communication, education, and understanding among members
    of the grooming profession, the community; local and state,
    • To establish good fellowship among association members, and, other
    groomer associations within the State of Tennessee and other
    recognized national groomer associations ,
    • To encourage a high order of ethical and professional attainment;
    • To promote activities devoted to the improvement of business
    conditions for the pet grooming industry in the State of Tennessee
    • To cooperate with state and local governments to promote responsible
    legislation of the grooming profession,
    • To support and carry out the programs, purposes, aims and goals of
    the Tennessee Professional Groomers Association, Inc.

    end of Goal of Objectives.


    The Tennessee Professional Groomers Association Inc. is NOT collecting
    dues at this time until after the bylaws have been finalized and
    accepted by the Board of Directors. Any dues that may have been
    collected under the name of Tennesse Professional Groomers Association
    Inc. have not been received by the Tennessee Professional Groomers
    Association, Inc.

    After the bylaws have been accepted, membership applications and the
    process for joining the TPGA, Inc. will be published.

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    i am a groomer in tenn and was wondering is this the same organization as tenn pet stylists?


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      Do you have to live in Tenn to be part of assoc? I am nearby in NE GA and would love to join such a group....or how would one go about starting something like this in GA?


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        I was thinking the same thing. How do I help get the ball rolling in CT? Do I write up a flier/proposal and send it to all the groomers in CT? I'd love to be a part of something like this, but feel so small and inexperienced with gov't workings that I get lost and overwhelmed. If someone could point me in the right direction as to where to start, I'd love to do it.
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