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  • Grooming schools in NJ

    Has anyone attended any Grooming schools in NJ? That's where I live but I do intend on moving South. NJ grooming schools only offer state certification right? So what would happen if I moved and states eventually require certification? I don't want to pay to go to a whole new school. Groomer certification is what it is, pretty straightforward and I can't see that varying from state to state. Also, I have NO IDEA which school to go to. I've looked at 3 that I could find that sound ok, NJ Grooming Academy, and Nash Academy, also what is with that ABC (Animal behavior College)? The school with all the commercials. Is that even a real school? Has anyone attended? Takes the longest to complete but only 120 hands on hours. But it's "country wide certification" it's very cheap, at 3200 or something and their kit looks cheap. But they do offer an externship which can lead to a job according to the reviews on their site but they could be making it all up. NJ Grooming Academy is apparently all hands on everyday from the start, no online work, more hours than ABC, 6000 tuition and the tool kit is worth 900. Nash Academy seems the most prestigious of the 3, tuition at almost 9000 and 700 for tools, and 600 hours between online and hands on study I think. I know someone who went there 15 years ago and they used Andis clippers, idk what they use now and the person gave me no info or advice at all since it's been so long. This is a very important decision for me and I desperately need advice. Please if anyone has attended any of these schools or any others I should research please let me know!

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    I suggest Clip Shoppe in NJ. No no no to ABC.


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      Nash or Clip Shoppe.


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        There is also the Four Paws Spa which trains in compassionate grooming with a lot of heart.


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          I am interviewing next someone from Clip Shoppe.