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  • Add ons for cats

    Looking for ideas for fun, successful cat grooming add ons. More money is in the U.S. economy right now, with stocks continuing to go up, tax decrease, low unemployment. While it lasts, want to add some fun stuff to increase my sales. Ideas?

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    Now isn't that challenging. But I know when we learned Tellington Touch, cats really responded well to pet massage.


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      You know there are not too many. It's best to groom and go. But I used to get so many that wanted to leave their cat with me when they went away. Got that all the time.


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        One time I used to sell dog and cat figurines. Sometimes I found them at a flea market, some were cute, some were great name porcelain. You know what, they sold. With no flea markets right now but soon no stock to sell. You might be surprised how pet related art and sculpture sells even in a grooming shop.