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  • Homemade Facials

    I was just curious if anyone mixes their own scrubs for a facial as an add on? I've seen on internet few places advertising handmade facials & would like more info how to make them? It's something several of my clients could benefit from.

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    The risks for reaction and then being challenged by a client ( or vet type) for issues is not worth it IMO when there are tested and proven products on the market. If you want to offer facials as an add-on please go with a professional product


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      Agreed. If you are using a pet approved product and a dog has a reaction, you will not be personally at fault. But if you made your own product and the dog reacts you could be sued.


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        That said, I make products for my own dogs all the time. I just don't use them on my clients because I don't want the risk.