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  • Top selling retail item?

    What is your top selling item? Toys? Clothes? Treats or biscuits?

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    Definitely not clothes..we stopped carrying them because they would just sit there. Our leashes sell pretty well, but probably the best seller is treats...especially the cheap ones they can grab on the way out.
    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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        Petkiss water additive and breath freshener


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          In order of most sold.
          Dog food, treats, bones/chews,grooming supplies, toys, clothing, boots. Winter for clothing is great, but it takes time to help people.


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            I really only sell items that relate to grooming, and treats. I sell what I use so it's easy to talk to a client like this: "Fido's ears are looking infected, do you have any ear cleaner at home by chance?" "No" "I'd really recommend cleaning her ears twice a week at home. Here's the product I use, its xyz, it does abc, and it's only $7. If you start getting on a routine you can save a lot in vet bills for a bad infection later". I go through ear cleaner like crazy. That and shampoos. I just start telling them about the product after asking if they bathe at home and what they use. Tell them about the conditions I'm seeing and how home-care can help a lot, and they will usually purchase. Then it also makes me money and makes the next groom easier when the dog is better taken care of.