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    Every year I like to come up with a holiday package to offer to the clients. With so many new products out there, what do you think would be the best and most cost effective package that will sell?

    I just got the Mint Julip shampoo from Envirogroom. Was thinking about using that in December for a Christmas package. They also have a matching conditioner. SS sells a Candy Cane cologne to go along with the mint package theme. Xmas bows (I make specialty handmade bows) and bandanna. Maybe do a white base nail polish on the nails with red stripes (on selected breeds only).

    Was wondering if I should offer teeth, or go for the Petzlife. Has anyone tried it as an add-on service? Spray or Gel?

    Any other thoughts? Ideas? In your experience what sells the most?

    Before we know it the holidays will be upon us!

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    I wasn't really impressed with the Mint Julip shampoo. It smelled weird to me... I've been thinking about doing just a sugar cookie cologne with holiday bows. People here don't seem to get too into holiday packages, sadly. I've been thinking about the petzlife stuff too. I use Petrodex enzymatic right now. Would like to hear what others say about the gel though.


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      I like the petzlife. We charge $5 for tooth brushing and it is a really nice minty smell that sticks for awhile. Those who try it once, usually continue and it has made for a great add on service. I use the tropiclean gel for my dogs. It doesn't smell as strong as petzlife but It has worked great on them as a twice a week rub on since they aren't found of the brush.


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        I love Petzlife aswell. My customers like it. I offer teeth brushing for extra $5 and I use the spray as the tooth paste. Cause I have a extra one on hand. The petzlife stuff sells pretty good. Nothing else sells better in my shop. All the shampoos I bought last december for retail. Are still sitting on the self. Every single one. I was surprised. I sell Petzlife, colognes, SB Facial. And everything else sits.

        I have been wanting to do packages to for holidays. I cant think of any. Then I dont know how to sell them. People act like they want to buy. And walk out with nothing. Or just go to the big petstore. Makes me sad.