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  • furminator

    I added furminator as an add-on for our salon and it sells pretty well. But I just tell people it's not for all coat types. I do the shampoo and solution, then brushout. It adds up. but I don't know how many other private shops offer this. Know the corporate stores do. with the warm weather it has been very popular, dogs being active and seasonal shedding.

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    I have it as an add-on. How many I sell depends on how many dogs come in that need it. If any dog comes in with undercoat, a Golden, Berner, Newf, they get it automatically. Makes my job easier with less brushing. I use Espree's de-shed conditioner though, not Furminator. The smell was too much for me. The packages sell quite well once people have gotten it in the past. They see a reduction in shedding and the coat has a much silkier feel too.


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      I found a better product then the actual Furminator brand. Its by Paw Brothers. Smells like coconut too. People are just familiar with the brand name, when in actuality, the furminator used to be a technique. I sell a lot of that as well. I will usually "add" it into the price of those bigger messier dogs much as Newfies and GP's.


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        I do not offer it as an add on, its an essential! I could never send a dog out with out desheding them, unless your just talking about using a rinse out conditioner to get hair out. I don't use fur brand anymore but choose which dogs to soak and which to use a spray in like "stuff" on by coat type and dying time. I think once I try chrome coat I will be soaking the big hairys more often.


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          Problem I have with just doing it on every shedding breed is that when people call and ask how much it is to bathe their husky, and I tell them $60 they hang up on me. If i tell them $40 they are more inclined to make the appointment and I can upgrade later. Whole different story if it comes in with matted undercoat though. I will set a base price and just include the shedding treatment, cause without it I would never get the job done!

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