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Feather Extensions for dogs

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    I love this idea, but trying to find bulk feathers is expensive! I really had no idea it was so costly, which is too bad because they add such a unique touch.

    If anyone finds cheap, preferably synthetic, feathers, please post on here!


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      I wanted to share. I have couple of dogs that I am doing this with- this is Jackson. These are just feather extensions with feathers tied to pretty cording and some beads added that you can't see in this photo. It is attached by a small alligator clip which is clipped either to the hair or to a rubber band pony in the hair at the back and top of the ear. This lets the feathers fall down the side of the neck and head and keeps them back away from their mouths and face so they don't shake their heads or nibble at them. Mine stay in really, really well.
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        You can get everything you need to do them at Sallys beauty supply. And then go to a craft store for the feathers. You can get a big bag for around $2.00. And charge a lower price than the human feather prices. I have been offering them for a few months. And everyone comments about the sign offering them. But no onw has bought any yet.

        I have lost faith in extras. People just dont buy. And I live in a Medium to high class area too. Weird.