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  • Who Loves Their Retail!

    I have a 192 Sq ft. grooming salon, in which I sell retail. I sold over $24,000 this past year! I am addicted to retail, this is my 3rd year selling retail, 4th year grooming. Just wanted to share my excitement of retail with you, if anyone is thinking about selling retail, I say go for it and have fun with it! Don't let having a small space stop you from starting in. I probly devote 70 sq ft. to retail, the rest is grooming and reception area, make every inch pay for itself!

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    Tell us more...

    What do you sell?
    "The gift which I am sending you is called a dog, and is in fact the most precious and valuable possession of mankind"-Theodorus Gaza


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      Very impressive!!

      I guess I don't work at retail so much. I focus so much on the grooming that even the clients didn't used to notice that I had things for sale, and I'd forget to "prompt" them.

      When people DID want things, it took time away from grooming and made my schedule get messed up - guess my heart is in the grooming, huh?


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        I also have a boutique style retail area in my shop. I have some items that sell well, but have never hit those types of numbers! I am curious to know what brands and type of retail you sell... I am currently in the process of re-vamping my boutique area & would love to get some new items. So please share!!


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          I have a couple items but we don't make much money, most people just want shampoo or cologne that we use. We just can't compete with the local big stores like PetSmart and Walmart.


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            I sell natural and holistic treats, dog food, supplements. I have been told by several people, that clients refer to me as the natural groomer! It does take some time to figure out what sells, but in my area, I have alot of dogs with allergy and skin issues. I sell a lot of natural balance they have a good selection of grain-free limited ingredient diets for dogs with allergies. I also sell unscented salmon oil, solid gold sea meal, both are very good supplements for allergies. For the treats I sell twistix, natural balance, Zukes, Lennox hide. I only carry corn, soy, wheat free food and treats. I did alot of research on allergies, I also have a good working relationship with my vet, so any time I have a question, I call them, they are always happy to help. I also checked around to see what the other stores carry, I made sure my lines were totally different. Dont try to compete with the big stores, cater to your customers that is how I achieved my success, the big store cannot give the customer service that you can give to your customers! I have customers that have had their dogs allergy tested, bring the results to me and I get them set up with the treats and food they can tolerate. Its something no one else has done in my area and its been great to be the first! Also I dont diagnose the pets, these people come to me after they been to the vet, I never, never diagnose that is the vets job, I only help afterwards.


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              I thought I had a tiny shop

              I'm at 400 sq feet in Hoboken,NJ,where rent is very very high. I'm there about 1 month now, I have a little retail. 150 sq feet,how did you grow your retail?, I also have a mobile unit ,I'm going to be renting out a table in the near future, wondering what I should charge weekly?.


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                Do you have pictures of your retail space?


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                  I will take some pics of my retail and try and post them. I started small, my distributor also has dog food samples that I started passing out after my grooms and explained the benefits of a high quality dog or cat food. Also, I ordered cd through barkleigh on retail and everytime I was slow in the shop, I would listen to them over and over, because everytime I listened to them I picked up something new. It does take some time, start looking at your pets, listen to your clients, thats how I figured out what to sell. If I was to start over from scratch I would retail 1 brand of dog/cat food, healthy treats, high quality supplements, and a good shampoo, one that you use would be best. Pet owners want the best they can afford for their babys so they will spend more on better quality products. I know since I have some education in pet health I will only give my pets higher quality products.