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  • Having a website is important

    I work in marketing as a graphic designer and also have my own home dog grooming business. I used my marketing knowledge to design my logo, build a kickin' website along with other marketing material. What a difference it has made. I'd love to tap into our grooming market and offer other groomers my expertise in helping them/you create a strong presence in your community. It really works. Send me a note if you'd like to talk.

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    More Marketing Information

    The first thing to consider is that it takes a while to get the "ball rolling". You will need to establish a presence in your community. People need to know you are available and open. How do you do that? talk to your local Vet, shelters, go to dog parks... pass out your biz cards, go door to door. Post flyers in your local grocery store... and lot's more.

    I'm currently working of offering marketing packages to groomers, such as create an Identity, which includes a logo, web site, flyers, biz cards etc. I'd love to continue working in the marketing field while continuing my In-Home Grooming business.


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      Hey there

      love your website!!!! can you do anything special with my website?