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Pet ID engraving machines?

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    when you find out let me know I want to start this


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      I really like the quality of Boomerang Tags. I used to buy those for my pets until I found tags that don't need my personal information on them.

      I also like Return Moi tags because the tag includes recovery of the pet, a reward to the finder, global service, pet shelter alerts, lifetime tag warranty, and there is 24/7 access to update pet information for 2 years. It's a like a microchip that isn't implanted. I don't like my personal information on tags, and I like being able to switch numbers and other information without buying new tags. There are only 3 tag colors, and they only come in a circle tag shape in PVC plastic. You can be an affiliate, or you can have a display and sell them retail. They're nice because the owner can take them home that day and register the tag. I haven't sold them retail yet, but I think the retail setup is around $100 with the tags, brochures, and the stand. I found them a couple of years ago at our local boarding kennel.