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  • Is this the right retail?

    Ok, I am helping my sister add retail at her shop (we are both groomers, etc). I was thinking about starting with this:

    Davis Thera Coat
    Davis Flexi Joint
    Davis Ruffies
    Davis Shampoos
    Davis Colognes

    Show Season Facetime (2.5 ounce bottle)

    Greenie Pill Pockets (Dogs and cats)

    Barrel of cow hooves

    I want to know what works for you and your opinion on what we may start carrying. We obviously want stuff to move and not sit on the shelves!

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    I think you need to carry brushes and combs, that you can show them how to use as well. Then add in some NICE collars and leashes in small quantities and some basic ones as well for when they need a new one. DO NOT carry what other people have in your area. Make yours different. I was told once as well that if you do not have time to sell retail, then don;t carry it. IT will not sell itself in most cases. I have no time, so I carry three or four items. That is IT! The rest I will order in for people at cost. I do not have time to sell it to my clients, so I dont have it.
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      50% of our shop is retail and even with the best prices in town (we do market surveys once a month), quality items, and unique items to other stores, it constitutes maybe 20% of our profit. My best seller is premium holistic and natural dog foods (although there is very little mark up on it). Impulse items that are cheap sell well like bones, etc. I carry shampoos, but they don't sell very well. If you want something that wont sit on the shelves long you won't find much . After foods, I'd say bones/bodyparts are the next best seller, then collars ,then treats, then dog beds, then toys.


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        Originally posted by Particentral View Post
        I think you need to carry brushes and combs, that you can show them how to use as well. .
        I agree with Particentral. We carry shampoo and brushes all new clients or if we have to charge a matt fee. we do a quick demo with our brush to show them and then show the client the new ones in our display. I discuss shampoo for at home bath's= lots of sales. Our clients love to browse collars and etc if they have to wait. Every area is different. Some like a small display of bakery treats too. Focus on being unique!


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          Retail - mail away ID tags

          I'm carrying this thought over from the thread above....the Red Dingo ID tags are great....and there is NO investment. Check it out!


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            Fill up, but a little at a time

            I have a small boutique attached to my grooming salon/doggy daycare. It only puts in about 25% of our revenue, if that. What I've done is build and build slowly to achieve a full boutique, ordering a small amount and then using the profit from those items selling to replenish and add more. That way I can see immediately if something won't sell, and I can either discount it, or sit on it. I also have the luck of having a large discount big-box store that gets the occasional shipment of pet gear. I can buy out what thy have to put in my store, allow it to sit for a while in storage, and then put it out on the shelf. Because my shipping costs are non-existent, I don't have top mark these items up a lot to make profit. I got my pet-bed selection this way, and saved a bundle on shipping costs. It's all in being creative, and willing to dig and hunt for the best deals.

            My best adivice though, is to ensure that you don't forget about people's budgets. While you may think $100.00 is reasonable for a collar, most people will laugh at it. Doesn't mean you can't bring in pricey things, but keep a selection of items at all price points so that anyone walking through your door will be able to find something. Even if it's only a $5.00 item, it's still $5.00 you didn't have before. Keep in mind that if they can't find something with you, there are plenty of other retailers around that can and will have something for them. Don't let their money walk out the door!

            Best of luck!


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              It's been said before; if you're going to offer retail, sell something they can't get a hundred other places in town. We do great on the holistic pet foods & treats, and also on leashes/collars. The doggy clothes get lots of attention, but not much has gone out the door. One thing I can't keep enough around is a Zoom Groom. They're inexpensive and anybody with a shedding dog loves to use them on the dogs and their furniture.