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    okay. I want to carry a small amount of retail, just basic grooming tools, shampoos, a couple toys and treats. I have limited space also. I really want to sell what I use, however, I use several different shampoos, some only sell to trade, not for resale. also I really want a uniform look, so ideally I 'd like to sell the same brand. initially, I started out with some top performance and master groomer. not bad, but I really dont use them myself and I would like to be a little high end. any suggestions. also, what items have been your better sellers? brushes, treats, flea products? does any one sell frontline in single doses? is this allowed?

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    The best way to sell retail is to sell products that you really believe in yourself. I use and sell the Tropiclean line. My clients love how their pets smell (Papaya Mist cologne), and it sells well. Brushes and combs that you use and recommend for in-between groomings are good items. People don't buy products , they buy solutions to their problems. Think what an owner may need to better care for their pet.
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      the shop i work in sells a LOT of treats, mainly high quality natural meat strips and biscuits, we also sell fromm and evo. The zodiac flea treatments you get from ryans priced per tube, either we put it on or the owner does. And angel eyes, we're thinking of getting some shampoos, just because on occasion someone asks for it, actually ended up selling a gallon to someone cause we didn't have any retail size bottles :P