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    I just got a wholesale list from paws gourmet pet treats, South Bark and Happy tails and I'm happy to say all three look really good. I'm thinking of adding a small line of retail to the store. The only thing else I would like to find is some dog clothes and some brushes. For brushes I was thinking of a few of LP brushes but which ones are good for customers. Maybe some CC brushes what else would work good? Also I cant seem to find a good company to buy clothes from. Any ideas?

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    no clothes

    If you are just starting with your retail, do not start with clothes. Stock the shampoo that you use in the shop, cheaper, similar brushes that you use, some combs, rakes, zoom grooms and TREATS and TOYS. I also sell a lot of poop bag dispensers and refill bags.

    In my opinion, unless you really spend a lot of time selling a customer, they are not going to buy a CC or Le Pooch brush for $80some dollars in addition to the $$ they just spent on the grooming. That's how much you would have to charge to make a decent profit on those items.

    Toys and treats are good impulse buys, and you will find that people stock up on their treats when they come in for grooming. Plus, you can easily charge double what your wholesale price is.

    Look at these websites: and Start small and simple and then add from there. You will not be disappointed!


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      Gooby, Puppia and RC Pets are excellent companies for dog clothes. Gooby and Puppia are primarily for small dogs and are both what I consider to be of good quality and good price. RC Pets sells all sizes, very durable, functional and attractive, excellent prices, good customer service. I'd really recommend attending the trade show in Las Vegas this fall if you want to add anything higher end than companies like the ones I've listed.