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Need a Mud recipe

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  • Need a Mud recipe

    I had heard of home made, mud baths with dead sea salt.

    I would really like a recipe, so I can offer it as a service. Where do you get the ingredients, and how they are put together.

    The pre packaged stuff by divazi is just too expensive.

    If anyone has the cheaper way to do it... please let me know.

    Thank you

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    This was posted on another thread...
    as an inexpensive source for pre-made mud.


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      I am interested as well and am confused why there hasn't been a response yet....


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        I too would love to have this in order to help some of my clients skin issues. I believe strongly in holistic things. I just didn't know to try it. Windy way would be the authority I imagine, especially after seeing her menu of natural Spa services.


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          Mud recipes can be just about as simple or as complex as you want to made them- depending on the purpose you are about to use them for.
          I keep Dead Sea mud on hand in the bathing room of my salon. It is stored with nothing in it, and then I add my herbs and/or oils either the night before or right at bath time (if I get a new dog in and I do not have a case history on file with him for what he's been getting spa services for). I also store my sugars (refined white, dark brown and turbano or raw), honey, oatmeal, dried whole buttermilk, Dead Sea salts, vinegars, and a plethora of dried herbals this way.
          In fact, I should take a photo and show you the area that I have in the bathing room...Ok,,,soon to come!
          You can pack a dog with whole and plain Dead Sea mud and get a lot of benefit from it, or you can add a few other herbals and oils and allow those mixed in to steep and meld (from overnight to at least a few hours) with the mud for added benefit. Or you can mix some simple additives such as Tea Tree, or Eucalyptus, Peppermint, or other herbals and have that on hand to use within a couple of days.
          It is of most importance to purely and safely store any product that has no preservatives in it, and do not add anything to it & leave it sit, do not portion it out with a dirty tool or a wet hand from the main supply container. It can become quite a petri dish....
          Each herbal; you should have an herbal book on hand be sure to read thru it thoroughly and then have it in the salon to grab & go thru when you see a condition on a dog that you think you could help- comes with their own properties and abilities. Adding these or essential oils (these are made from the plant herbals but are just the pure oils, pressed or concentrated from that plant- and essentials can be adulterated so read up & buy wisely), then adds the benefit of that plant to your mix so that it can be utilized for the pet's needs.
          For opening up pores and for detox- I will add Tea tree & Eucalyptus & Peppermint
          For clarifying & toning- I will add Ginger & Lemongrass & Basil
          For extra moisturizing- I will add just Eucalyptus, and follow the pack after a long cool rinse, with a warm honey and cream conditioner pack.
          Now, I will mention that learning about herbs, flower essences, and oils is a labour of love--it takes time and practice as much as learning to groom does.
          But, anyway- all you need to do is to take your base whole and pure ingredient; whether it is mud, honey, vinegar, sea salts or sugar, and add to it the essentials or dried herbals from which you want utilize to best benefit the service you are applying to the dog's skin & coat. OR- using those simple base ingredients alone will already bring the abundant properties of those things to the skin & coat, and supportive systems of a dog, so sometimes less is more.
          I should add to always start, and stop, with a long cool rinse as water is always your best and most simple vehicle for removal of toxins, debris, and helps introduce moisture to the skin that can be kept there with the help of other topicals.
          And remember, any time that you offer a detoxifier to a dog, one that pulls toxins from the skin and its connective tissues, always tell the client to be sure that the pet has open access to plenty of water to help keep his system clean.
          I love reading about groomers graduating to learning more and offering more,,it makes me smile.
          Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt


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            Thank you for the informative and detailed response Windy!

            I was at my local co-op the other day, and the only Dead Sea mud they carry is the mud mask from The Dead Sea Warehouse. Is this any good, or should I go with the link posted on here previously?

            I am still building up my essential oil and herb cabinet, and would LOVE to see pics of what you have on hand. Also do you have any book recommendations for someone new to this? I have been reading online but would love a good reference book on hand.



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              Espree makes one now. I got some at the last trade show. It was pretty cheap. I havent tried it yet. But thought I would offer this info up.