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We really do a good job

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  • We really do a good job

    And I don't just mean that we are good at what we do, but we do a job that is so needed and so appreciated. Sometimes it's only appreciated by the owner, but sometimes it totally shows on the dogs too. This is Karma, and we just got her set up with reoccurring 6 week appointments and she is feeling so much better after receiving continuous care. I really do love my job.

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    She is smiling after she is done! Great job making this dog feeling better.


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      Lovely. It's so rewarding when they wiggle and grim when they're finished.
      Great job ! And a great post !


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        I had a 16 year old Schnauzer come in this week with legs matted to the skin and matting all in her skirt. I had to shave her pretty bare but I can't imagine how much more comfortable the old gal is now. She stank so badly of urine and feces that I was afraid she would have urine scalding on her legs. Thank goodness her skin was surprisingly healthy. I don't know why she was allowed to get to such a state but her owner was very grateful.

        Then I had Hurley come in. He told several hours but he left a very happy boy. The best part was shaving his armpits where I'm sure the matting had been pulling at his skin. His days were very happy and promised to bring him in regular now that they are settled in. We shall see!

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          I love the attitude change when we make dogs feel better! ^_^ Wonderful job! This made my morning seeing the smile in the after picture.


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            OMG that's so cute, thanks for helping that dog.