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  • My favorite doodle!!

    This is my moms dog. She had lost her elderly Yorkie and poodle mix within a few months of each other. Then out of the blue I get a phone call telling me she bought a labradoodle. I was mortified, first off... Not a big fan of doodles! Secondly, I'm the one that has to groom her dogs. He has shocked me though! He is the sweetest, most chill doodle I have ever met and he lets me do whatever I need to when it comes to his grooming! He's only 10 months old! Anyway, at his last visit mom decided she wanted a lion cut... So I just had to share! I'm still waiting on his mane to grow out a bit more!

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    I know exactly how you feel! My parents got a goldendoodle and I was not terribly excited about it either! But she ended up being the most perfect dog you could imagine for them.
    What an adorable clip on him. I wish my mom would let me try that!


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      He's a sturdy looking doodle. Must take on more lab than poodle. The ones I usually see are more on the lean side. LOVE the cut!
      It's not what you look at that matters; it's what you see.
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        All of my doodle clients are really smart, climbs into van, then jumps onto table, then automatically jumps into tub, and turns automatically when I release the lease hook, and all have a really nice personality.

        About the cut........I love it, but you might want to shave off the muzzle and above the eyes for the real male lion look. Goggle "male lion picture" and you can see several different angles of the head. Too bad the doodle wasn't a goldendoodle, which would match the color of a lion.

        Happy loving doodles

        Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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          Dolly, that is the plan.... I was just waiting to let the mane grow in a bit more because she doesn't want to face too short. I'll be back at him this week to straighten that part out so he looks more "liony"!!

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            We have some great Doodles and some great Doodle owners thank you that actually keep them groomed regularly. thanks for sharing.