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My first Welsh Terrier!

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  • My first Welsh Terrier!

    This is the first Welsh Terrier I've groomed. I was at work, not school, so it was me, her and Notes From The Grooming Table. The owners wanted the legs very full and he didn't want as much of her haunch exposed as previously groomed. I also didn't trim her beard much at all as we're trying to grow it out.

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    Nice job.
    It's a little intimidating to do a news feed for the first time all on your own , isn't it? You did well.
    Next time though, maybe try to blend your ones a little more - it should look like it grew that way naturally. Also, tighten up that job thing going on in the front. Terrier legs need to look like they're coming straight down from the shoulder. It's hard to always tell with just using Notes - the multiple lines can confuse people. Ballasts check out some color photos to refer to to help me with new breeds ( thank heavens for iPhones)


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      I must admit that I was quite nervous posting those pics! Thanks for the critique. We don't get a lot of breed cut requests at my salon so it was very exciting and scary to do this critter. I'll be sure to blend better and work on the front more next time.

      Oh, I realized that I posted the same pic twice. Here's the other one I tried to post.

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        You might check out the photos of Welsh Terriers on the website Welsh-Terrier dot com
        She has some really clear photos of what the breed looks like when groomed correctly. Also some great photos of her dogs when they are in blown coat and not all gussied-up for the show ring. (The way that WE get them in the shop)

        My remarks on your groom. Bring your side skirting even lower. Your clipper should go underneath the front leg. The chest and front leg, from the side, should look like two different body parts. And skirting should look like it's just part of the dogs body. You shouldn't be able to say "oh, there's the skirt".
        Remember, long legged terriers only have a skirt to visually bring the chest down to the elbow. It was started to visually make a shallow chested dog look like it has more "depth of chest". If the dog your grooming has nice depth of chest, the skirting might only be a 1/4 inch or less long.
        On the front of the chest...from the throat to front legs....there is no coat. They don't have a bib. This is a common mistake in grooming long-legged terriers. You want all that front chest hair gone. Yes, there are cowlicks there. You can blend those in with your thinners. The only coat on the front of the dog is BETWEEN the front legs. Visually draw a line from elbow to elbow across the front of the dog, if there is hair above that line trim it off.

        I understand that the owner wants the legs fuller, but they still need to be blended in. I would still bring the back legs down lower, and then blend them in. You don't want them "to look like a Poodle" in an old fashioned pet Poodle trim.
        You can achieve the "leave it fuller" by leaving the lower part of the leg longer and still have a nice typey rear end.

        Now, the head. The beard is long enough. It doesn't need to "grow out". It does need to be tighter and blended in near the eye. Also, the lower jaw is clippered to the fold in the lower lips. So you need to shave off at least half of the lower beard. I put my finger in the dogs lower lip and stretch the skin back tight towards the ear. Then clip off all hair that extends from outer corner of lips to where the fold in the lower lip is. You will make the fullness of the beard with the top part of the of the muzzle.
        This is where looking at the photos on the website will help. You will notice when the dogs mouth is open that you can see the lower lip.
        Welsh Terriers do carry more mustache then a Wire Fox but the lines for clippering are similar. Look at some show Wire Fox photos and you can see more easily what I'm talking about.

        Above all, terriers should look like "they just grew that way". Everything is blended. You don't want noticeable lines where you can say "oh, there's where the skirt starts...oh, there's where the hind legs get fuller".

        Keep posting photos. You've got a great start on this dog. It just needs some tweaking here and there.
        I'll be looking forward to seeing your advancements in the coming months.



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          You really did a nice job especially for first time. Dare I show you my #10 topline abs huge bib and lines Airedales?? Ha-ha. Keeping owner request in mind, if you have chunkers( coarse blenders) or you can use a guard comb and skim, or use a comb( held parallel to thigh), comb hair out and as it slips through teeth use blenders to get the different layers and it helps the hair to lay better abs not be bulky in some areas. Keep posting! If you look years ago at my posts I'm always getting help

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            Thanks for all the replies! I think I'll print out the pics with all of the critiques and keep them in my school folder. This is so neat, haha. I am often hard on myself if I don't get something perfect the first time so grooming has been quite the eye opener. It's actually a lot of fun to have something to learn and improve on again.

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