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Oh my gosh I got a new puppy!

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  • Oh my gosh I got a new puppy!

    Am I nuts or what?
    I couldn't resist.....

    a Chinese Crested Powder Puff

    He is so cute!!

    Now I'm back to 4 dogs!


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    Did someone say CHINESE CRESTED?

    Pictures! I NEED pictures! Oh....pleeeeeease? (No, I'm not ashamed to beg)

    What color, where'd you get it, etc, etc.....

    I'm so jealous!


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      Since I've been showing I have become aware of how popular these precious lil things have become!!!! I want to see pics toooooo!!!
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        Oh he is so cute, he's a cream. He's 10 wks. old. I don't know what I was thinking, now I'm back to 4 dogs!
        And with poor Katie and her broken foot.
        My poodle and my maltese (Poey & Katie) could care less. But of course my chi, Peanut, he's not a happy camper! He's very growly with Willow (that's the pups name!) I think he'll get used to him. Peanut is used to being "my boy" so I need to make sure he realizes he still is!
        Willow is a boy too, but all the crested people at the show kept telling me they were very adaptable to multiple dog households, lets hope!
        I got him from a breeder at the show, Dee Kay is her kennel name.
        I've never even bought a dog before LOL
        these pics are just on the car ride home, he slept. I'll post some better ones shortly when I wake him up to go out to potty.


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          here's the car ride pics

          the 'quick reply' feature didn't offer pic up loading, so here they are...
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            ps beyond blessed can I see pics of your chinese crested powder puff?
            I'm reallly hoping Willow has a nice flowy coat. I've been admiring the breed at shows for years. And the people that have them always say they are wonderful dogs.


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              That is neat where did you get your puppy. I got a chinese crested hairless around Thanksgiving. His name is Flirt (Whisperinglane's Flirting With McDreamy) What is your new pups name. I really like the puffs too they are cute. I like how they are groomed with just the face and ears shaved. They are a sweet breed aren't they. My boy is just 6 months old.


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                OH MY...he's SO CUTE!

                Thank you for the pics.

                I've heard of both the Dee Kay and Whisperlane bloodlines. Nice!
                Next year I'm planning on contacting Jewel kennels for a show potential female.
                I love their type the best. There's also a GREAT crested website I can refer you to. TONS of pictures. It's getting late, so I'll message you tomorrow.

                Can't believe how excited I am for you!
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                  Here are some more pics

                  My camera, which I just bought, got dropped, seems the pics aren't too good. I might have to take it back, luckily I bought the extra warranty.

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                    one more

                    Here's another pic, I'll try to get better ones.

                    Anyone know about ear taping? I really want his ears to stand.
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                      Yay! More pictures!

                      You may need to tape those ears until he's 4 months old. It depends on how diligent you are about keeping them taped, massaging the cartilage at the base of the ears helps, too. You can do it. (It's not nearly as difficult as gluing Briard ears. What a mess that was!)

                      The breeder probably told you that Chinese Cresteds change colors as they grow. Even dark browns, reds, tans and apricots generally fade out to nearly white, palomino or platinum when they mature. That's part of the fun. You never really know WHAT you're going to end up with.

                      Have fun with your little guy. I'm off to work!
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                        Oh he really is a good lookin dog!!! Congrats and have fun with him!!
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                          aww hes cute as a lil button! congrats!


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                            He's adorable. I didn't know they taped their ears. Learn something new every day... LOL... And he's already got his face shaved.... AWWW.... Are you going to keep his face that way or let it grow out?


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                              Oh My...he is the cutest thing ever! Good luck with that cutie!