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  • Some good news!

    So, as you all may know, I have been tge sole earner in my household for the last 7 years with hubby suffering mental health issues.

    He's had 2 job interviews and has been offered both positions!!!!!!
    One is about 6k more than the other, but the one with the lower wage he'd get much more enjoyment and satisfaction out of. What a position to be in!

    I just needed to share this good news. I'll keep you updated to which he chooses.

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    That's great! Takes some pressure off you, for sure. Sometimes, being happy at work trumps more money (as a groomer, I know that feeling). He wins either way!
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

    Groom on!!!


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      Congratulations! Hope he chooses whichever will make him the happiest, it will be the job that pays off in the long run.
      Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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        What good news!
        I think, the job with most enjoyment will be most appropriate. You can’t really put monetary value on peace of mind, enjoyment and satisfaction from the job, and since you have survived before, on just your income, it doesn’t sound like he has to make certain amount. So, hopefully whatever makes him happiest is what he decides. In any case, good luck.


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          Wonderful news! So happy for you both!!!

          And on a sort of related note- you did not drive. Does he?

          Ok now I will have a silly grin on all day for your sake


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            No he doesn't, but i sit my test this month!

            He chose the higher paid job as its more stable and doesn't rely on funding from the lottery.

            Any ways, I'll talk to you guys soon as Im getting ready for my holiday! 10 nights in corfu!


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              Wonderful Corfu!

              Sometimes less pay but stable is more important in the long run.


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                I was also just watching Doc Martin season nine and thinking of you!


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                  Originally posted by 4them View Post
                  I was also just watching Doc Martin season nine and thinking of you!
                  I love Doc Martin, last season, sad.


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                    Originally posted by CarolC View Post

                    I love Doc Martin, last season, sad.
                    Us too, hate to see it go, and will they fire him?


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                      Happy for you both. Hope all goes well!


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                        Has hubby started his new job?
                        How did your driving test go?
                        Will he need to get a license too?


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                          Yes, what is the update. That is great news for you and him.


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                            Hubby has been working for 2 weeks and is loving it, he's tired but happy, so I'm happy. I am having to deal with some difficult insecurities but those are on me and nothing he has done if that makes sense??

                            I have had to move my test as I failed my mock tests basically out of shear nerves of being tested. So not sure how we're gonna fix that.

                            He's planning on doing an intensive driving crash course after January when he can take a week off

                            Our holiday was amazing and can't wait to go back.