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I'll take a pasta with sausage

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  • I'll take a pasta with sausage

    I was walking back from a cat grooming house call when I saw an old-ish man, shirt off, laying on the sidewalk. People were walking around him, since this is NYC and that's what we do. He was stretched out, with a small shopping cart nearby.
    On the off-chance that he was in trouble, I stood above him and asked if he needed help.
    He said, "Yes! I'm hungry. I need food."
    I said, "Okay. I'll get you something."
    He pointed to a pizza restaurant and said, "That place there."
    I said, "Okay, I'll get you a slice of pizza."
    He said, "Get me the pasta dish with sausage."
    Ha ha! He said it exactly as if I were a waitress, except for the fact that he's laying on the sidewalk with his shirt off.
    I laughed and said, "oh my goodness" and walked away.
    He said, "Get me a slice then. I'll take a slice."
    I usually stop if I see someone on the sidewalk. The time before this, I called an ambulance because they didn't respond to me, and when the man heard the siren, he got up and ran away really fast. Usually the person politely says, "Thank you. I'm fine," and continues to lay on the ground.

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    That was very kind of you........kind'a makes you not want to stop for the next guy laying on the sidewalk. I must say, it makes me chuckle just thinking about your story !!

    Happy living in NYC

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC