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Grooming to Vet (long but please help)

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  • Grooming to Vet (long but please help)

    Wasn't to sure where to put this thread so I thought off topic would be fine.

    As much as I love to groom dogs I have always wanted to be a vet. So I have started to look into and apply to school for prevet, then after that off to vet school. My problem is funding. I have been looking into grants and because I am a single mom I qualify for many, but I can't seem to be able to find out how or where to apply for them and nobody seems to be able to help me. My next step is to talk to a colleges finance department or whatever they're called. With the way my credit is right now there is no possibility of me getting financing or a loan. My ex still hasn't refinanced the house so my DTI is horrible. It looks like I'm spending twice as much as I'm making. Thankfully as soon as the divorce his final he has 30 days to refi or the house becomes mine to sell.

    So then I was thinking of starting my own salon. I have started grooming at home and just need a bigger place with dryers, a tub and a couple crates. So when my ex does refi, I get half the equity (which I keep getting told is in the double digit before the comma thousands. Which would be great.) but something in me says it's not that much. If it is, my plan is to pay off all my debt, buy the equipment I need and open up a shop. Then with the money I make from that to help put me thru college. I figure I've already put this off for 7 years. If I had started college when I graduated high school instead of building my career I'd only have 1 year of college left. (that would be if I passed. but I want this so much I'd do nothing but study)

    I've been thinking about opening up a large shop (like the one I used to work at) and have a groomer I used to work with go in on it with me so that we could both make more money too.

    Then if I did make it all the way thru college and got my degree and license I'd still want to groom as well. Plus I'd want to get a degree in nutrition and be a triple threat.. LOL.. Maybe go for 4 and continue working with trainers like I've done in the past. Oh yeah, I'm all into dogs. So far I've rescued, groomed, worked with trainers, been a vet tech, worked with nutritionists and worked with breeders. I'm trying to get as much info in my head as humanly possible. Call me crazy, this is my passion.

    So that's my long term plan that I should have started 7 years ago instead of waiting. Cause now I'm kicking myself. Course my grades in High school would have not allowed me to have gone to college. I was so bored that I didn't bother doing any work, but when my teachers would ask me one on one questions about what we've learned and I've answered, they've wondered why I always did so poorly and I always told them because I'm bored. So senior year I was enrolled part time into college, and frankly some of that work bored me, but I aced it all.

    And people think I'm stupid.. LOL....

    So what does everyone think? And does anyone know a groomer in the Utah area that would like to open a business with me? This is all going to start happening in the next few months.

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    Best of success to you!

    I wish you lots of luck with your goals! Just a couple thoughts from my business experience. Owning a business can take lots of time and energy. Also, owning a business with a partner can be tricky. You might consider being a sole owner of your business, but hiring a full time manager to run the business for you. That would allow you to step away from the business if your studies required, yet you will still have complete control and none of the messy co-ownership issues. plus you would not be splitting the profits. Just an idea to ponder. Best of success to you!


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      That is a good idea. Full time manager. I like that one better. Thanks


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        I thought seriously about being a vet, then a vet tech before coming back to grooming. Like you, finances would have been my major setback in going through at least 8 years of college. I also would be starting several years late and was not a great student in high school. For a while, I was really into going through a vet tech program instead, but... nah.

        Definitely do some research and try to be realistic. Think about the time factor of going to college with such costly, long-term and time-consuming goals, especially with your child and business in mind. Sure, plenty of people have done it all, but it's a lot easier to think about than do. Check out what it takes and the acceptance rate into the vet school in your state and know that you may have to move if you don't want to wait around for an acceptance letter. I also honestly don't think any vet would want to waste their time grooming when so much else is going on in the practice you work in. Sure, you may want to hire a groomer (when you actually own a practice), but I doubt you'll want to be the one grooming...

        So, why did I finally go back to grooming? I believed owning a successful dog grooming business could be more fun and profitable quicker and easier than being a vet.


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          There are only 27 colleges that teach veterinary medicine and one is not in my state so I would have to go out of state to continue the education above the 4 years of pre-vet schooling. I have looked into and there is only one university that teaches pre-vet in my state. But before anything can happen with them I have to enroll (which is stupid). I am going to talk to someone there about possible online courses and home study, things like that so I can be with my kids. I've done research about costs (but can't find much), so I was planning on talking to some vets about how they did it etc. I did research and did find that some vet schools are hard to get into even if your the top in your class so it's suggested to apply to all of them and then which ever ones accept you to choose between those. I've got all my bases covered with plans, now it's time to get those plans in motion.


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            It is great that you have a long term goal. I commend you for wanting to go back to school and better yourself. Just don't forget us when your a VIV (very important vet) lol
            If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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              I'd suggest you start at a community college that has classes that will transfer to the university you plan to attend. Community college classes are less expensive than classes at a university, and you can get the core classes out of the way and save yourself some money. And your high school grades aren't as important when you enroll in a community college.

              When you enroll at the community college, they'll have all the paperwork you need to apply for grants, and loans if you need them.


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                Community college

                Yep, definately a good idea to start out with a community college. They will also have career counselors to help you chart out your path.


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                  I wanted to be a vet all throughout highschool I took all the math and science I could I even took Latin to help me with all of the medical terms (it helped in my SAT's alot) But after I got out of high school and got a job as an animal care tech at the SPCA then after that I got a job as a vet tech for a vet, I realized I was bord with it. Everyday I gave vaccines, fecals, restocked, assitsted in surgury and I was still bord. So I found that I didn't like working with the insides of pets as much as I liked working on the outside making them pretty lol. I reccomend the Problem to Profit book for starters if you are wanting to expand. And going to community college for your basics, see how you do it is so much work but most people are just more foccused when they are older so it is easier for them to stay committed. But it is very hard to get into vet school here in Texas we have A&M vet school which only accept 29 students a year if I remember correctly, and those 29 are like the validictorians of their schools or similar. Very elite program.


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                    Getting into vet school is very competative. Helly is right, starting at a community college (ie: Salt Lake Community College) is a good idea.

                    You can start taking your general courses there and if your grades are good, that is what they'll probably look at (along with your experience) to get into school. I'm assuming that when you say there is only one school in Utah offering Pre-Vet, it must be Weber State, because I know there are some pre-vet students that I've worked with from Weber State (my alma mater).

                    From there, if you prove yourself with good grades and experience, you can apply for vet schools.

                    You can apply for grants, loans and scholarships at the colleges you attend. You must apply for the schooling first, and then apply for the financial aid. Contact the financial aid offices first.

                    Becky, I am sure you've worked with vets before. Their hours stink, and their pay is not so great considering they ARE DOCTORS, but most I know love what they do. I don't know how you'd do it while grooming and caring for two children (or just one right now?), but I always felt that if there's a will, there's a way.

                    Tammy in Utah
                    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                      Becky, I am sure you've worked with vets before. Their hours stink, and their pay is not so great considering they ARE DOCTORS, but most I know love what they do. I don't know how you'd do it while grooming and caring for two children (or just one right now?), but I always felt that if there's a will, there's a way.

                      Tammy in Utah[/QUOTE]

                      How can their pay not be great. They charge you $60 to look at your dog. It takes them 5 minutes in most cases. lol
                      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                        I am not sure this is true, but I have heard that many vets make more than M.D.'s because of what health insurance pays them (the M.D.'s) . Like I said I don't know if this is true, it is just something I have heard through the grapevine. BTW, I would also think that like any job or career your pay will depend a lot on if you work for someone or for yourself.
                        SheilaB from SC


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                          best off luck to you becky,praying it all works out for you,i agree about not going into a partnership,its easy to get burned,ive heard of many horror stories,better to do it alone


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                            Keep us informed!

                            I hope that you will keep us informed of your choices and your progress with your career! It will be fun to watch along with your progress. Wishing you great success!


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                              Diamie- Think about how much similar visits to your doctor or hospital cost and it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that most veterinarians get paid very little for what they do.