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  • Guess the breeds!

    Here are two mixes I groom. Can you guess, what are they "made of"?
    The owner knows parents of black and white dog, but the black one she found and we are not sure what mix is he. I can tell you he sheds like crazy, when I am drying him, there almost as much hair flying around as from lab!
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    I am sooo glad to be back!
    First one color looks like a my guess is Schnz x shih
    Second one (blk dog) looks shih x bichon.
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      I have one who looks like the first one and she's a bichon/poo and yorkie mix but she's a little higher on her legs those looks like shih-tzu with a poo face


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        OK, the first one (black and white) is a cocker spaniel - Maltese mix. I can definitely see the cocker in his eyes (and stinky ears, too). But the second one...the first time I groomed him I left more hair on top of the head, so I almost saw Dandie Dinmont in him, he also has short crooked legs, almost like doxie, so who knows?


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          I see havanese in first one. , second maybe schnauzer Bichon. Or mix of 3 breeds with something sheddy in there.. I also form my opinion based on what's popular in the area. I wouldn't guess coton de tular fur example c cause you only see those in agility around here

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