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  • greatest day ever!

    today a got the call from my sons high school that he will graduate on tuesday with his class,the reason i'm so excited is because first he is my only child and i raised him by myself up til he was 9 yrs old i was a single mom i've worked so hard to give him everything and i guess to make up for not having a dad,he always had problems in school because he did not like doing homework and i tried everything you can think of to help him we even did therapy together and nothing seemed to help, this year i finally decided that i would let him be responsible and just leave him alone,i would still ask every once in a while how things are in school and kept in touch with his counselor from school he knew me by my first name already, as much as i called him this year;i also think that my husband (his stepdad)had a big impact in his life and that he helped very much,i also know that his girlfriend had a positive impact in his life this past year and i know i owe her for helping me when i needed someone to straighten him up in school she is a year older and goes to college so that helped with him. anyways i just wanted to share how happy and how proud i feel today i can't wait for him to get here from school today to hug him and tell him how proud he makes me feel.

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    aww thats great news!!! job well done Mom!!! I too am raising my daughter alone. I've raised her alone, with no hubby, for all of her 15 years..I've kept her active in school, never have a had a problem with her there, she does all her homework, never asks for help, I keep her in the marching band...bought her an 1800.00 saxophone...she'll be a sophomore this year and loves it so far!! she loves the band and all, as parents, we can do is hope that we've done the right thing! it sounds like you deserve a big pat on the back Mom!!!


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      That's so great! You should be so very proud!
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        that's great!

        it's a great day when they make it to graduation day. my 1st born graduated last year. hip hip my second will be 7 in about 3 hours! i'm a single mom too. so, i have a few years yet till this one graduates......then , i'm taking a good long vacation and calling it a job well done!! lol


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          Good for you (and him!). Those years are not easy, and I can relate to difficulties in school. I'm glad that he has chippered up and made it through. Maybe you ought to take him to his favorite restaurant for dinner? I know I enjoyed that when I graduated from high school and college.

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