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  • Oh... Major problem...

    My daughter at 10 months old got strep throat and the beginnings of ear infections. So the doctor put her on Amoxicillan (sp?). She started to get a slight rash. So the doctor took her off that and put her on Azithromyacin. Well now she has an even bigger more horrible rash and keeps throwing up... She only got one dose of that and I stopped it.. My poor little girl can't take antibiotics.. I don't even want to try other ones.

    I sure hope she never needs them again...

    Plus I found out she has a milk allergy so she has to be on soy milk. She's allergic to most brands of diapers, the only ones she hasn't had a reaction to are huggies.

    She's getting eczema and has to be on a steroid cream.

    I mean, what's next really.. My poor little girl..

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    Oh your poor baby and whats a momma to do? I feel for you both ,ear infections are so painful, bed time! As a mommy of a young child myself I really do feel your pain.My daughter has had to have tubes put in, and what a difference it made.Please dont give up on finding an antibiotic that works as she needs some extra help in ridding herself of infection.My daughter and I both have allergies and bet she does too.Infection starts in the sinuses and because the adinoids are prob. larger than they should be,and the ear cannal can become blocked w/fluid,preassure builds and infection sets in.There are tail tell signs of allergies;look for dark circles around the eyes,esp.around the bridge of the nose.Infection can and will spread to the chest quickly if not treated.She may outgrow antibiotic sensitivties.I used to be able to take just about e-thing and now later in life I am very limited in the antibiotics I can take;seems I am allergic to everything!I strongly suggest taking her to an ENT dr.who works w/children.If I had known better I would have done that w/my daughter.Good luck,and hope you both get some relief and rest!


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      Thanks... My son had chronic ear infections for a year.. Since my ex was the one who held the insurance and needed his approval it took the doctors and me nearly a year to convince him that my son needed tubes... Which he finally got and his adenoids removed. He's doing much better now, but has to be in speech therapy because he had infections for a year.. He would get 2 ear infections in a month.. He's been on every antibiotic at least twice. I hope she grows out of it, but antibiotic allergies run in my family.. My little sister and my niece can't have any of the cillans and several cousins and aunts and uncles can't have any antibiotics at all.


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        my daughter is allergic to everything as well...shes 15 years old now and still allergic to certain laundry detergents and such. she can only take antibiotics from the "C" group. everything else is a no no. try not to keep your son on antibioitcs...his chronic ear infections are most likely allergy related. find out. overuse of antibiotics also cause hearing impairment later in life. I found that out the hard way. I grew up ocean side in north carolina. the military drs there kept me on antibiotics at least every other month...I would take for 2 weeks then 2 weeks off..then sick I have to wear hearing aids in both ears...and Im still young!!!!


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          Wow, Becky, I'm sorry. You poor little girl. I had chronic ear problems growing up too, and had to have tubes put in, and still can't swim without ear plugs. Aw, but the poor thing, what do they do if she gets another one and needs antibiotics?
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            I was Nanny for a while.....

            The 1 yr old girl got sooo red and raw from commercial diapers. Her mother was an internist no less. Father head of emergency. Then she switched to cotton old fashioned ones and a service and she never had a problem again. I think soy is better and many children have ear infections from I have heard. What did my mom and g mom do before antibiotics? Is there no other natural remedy?


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              I'd be really cautious about the soy milk. There is mounting evidence that it's not all it's cracked up to be, especially when little girls drink it. Among other things, it's suspected to cause premature puberty. You might find this article an interesting read.


              I think I'd investigate a hydrolized formula that uses cow's milk, but the proteins are broken down into small particles that the body is less likely to react to. If she can tolerate that, it's much safer than soy.


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                My sons ear infections weren't from allergies.. His adenoids were severely swollen and his ears weren't draining. They removed his adenoids and put tubes in and he's been fine since...

                The doctor put her on the antibiotics for a caution as it was, he said she didn't need them, but he wanted to stop her ears before they got even worse...

                Woke up this morning and her rash on her arms and legs are worse.. She hasn't been on antibiotics for a few days now.. So something else is going wrong. .The only stuff she's been on that she hasn't taken before is baby motrin and pedia care.

                The rash isn't happening in the creases of her arms and legs and doesn't show up where clothes are.. My mom's fiance's mom lives with us and she's been a pediatric nurse for almost 30 years.. She thinks she might be allergic to the sun... I hope not..


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                  I feel for you Raggs. I have been there with my kids. It's hard to find out what is making them sick and then what will help them. I am a believer in goats milk even sheep milk worked wonders with my kids. There are yogurts, cheeses and all sorts of things made with goats milk - I ended up making many of these things myself for the kids when they were tiny. Thankfully none of mine were allergic to the sun. I did have to use cloth diapers and change them as soon as they wet them though and they all still struggled with excessive rashes. All have eczema, but thankfully are outgrowing it and most of the other allergies too. Most of the 'mycin' type antibiotics cause stomach upset. Try to give it to her when her stomach isn't empty, but even then it can cause cramps and nausea (motrin can have the same effect). I'm so leary of antibiotics, there's a time and a place for them. But I wouldn't give it to her for prevention especially if it's making her sick. Have you thought about taking her to a homeopathic doctor? I'm so thankful for a naturalist who helped me find our children's doctor. I don't know how we would have survived without her! Hang in there Raggs - hope she's feeling better soon.


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                    Just a note, as Helly mentioned, soy milk is full of photo estrogens and I would never give it to my daughter.I buy Horizon milk,no antibiotics,pesticide free,no growth hormones,and free range fed.I am very sensitive to estrogen,I get migranes.I have had a hysterectomy and am not on "hrt"There is enough **** in the meat we eat as well as so manny other sources its hard to know what is best for the health of our families.Sorry to say in our life time it surley pays to be "proactive" in all aspects of our health care.


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                      Thanks guys. I didn't know any of that stuff about soy milk... I never drink it, never wanted to.. I was allergic to dairy when I was younger and so was my dad and all my sisters and nieces. We've all grew out if it just past a year old.. Well except my dad. He doesn't care though.. He eats ice cream like it's his last meal.

                      I've stopped all medications except the Benadryl and the Tylenol which both she's had before with no reactions... Her arms and legs look a lot better today.. She's got dry skin now so the sitter keeps putting aloe on her and I put on my petroleum jelly cream lotion at home.

                      I've thought about goats milk and rice milk.. My dad is one of 5 and neither of them could be on the same milk.. They all had reactions to something.. It was odd. So one was on rice, one was on soy, one was on goats and one was on another... The oldest spent his entire life in the hospital due to brain damage at birth. So I don't know what he had, it's not something we talk about. Hell, my grandparents didn't even tell my dad and his brothers about him until my dad had a dream one night that he had an older brother and my grandpa caught him and one of his brothers fighting about it.. Then they fessed up.. My dad was around 10, so the oldest boy was probably 15.

                      Anyway, I got sidetracked... She's been throwing up the milk so I haven't had her on any of it.. She's getting her fruits and veggies, juice and pedialite.... She seems to be doing much better on that...

                      As soon as my benefits kick in, I'm taking her in to get allergy tested for everything.

                      I feel like a horrible mom because there's only so much I can do to help her right now.. Just have to wait for her body to get rid of the antibiotics... It sucks.. Just making her as comfortable as I can. Hope she's all better soon..

                      Thanks again you guys. And especially the info about the Soy milk... I don't think I'll be keeping her on that.

                      On another note, they used to give babies honey to solve some problems. But because of the process it goes thru now, as most of you know, it causes botulism in kids under a year... Never did that before they pasteurized it... Trying to make things better and they only succeed in making it worse..