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    Last night at 4 am my dog sat up and gagged up this pile of white whatever....what the heck is that!!!!!!!! My husband and I stared at it and could not figure out what it was. We were perplexed. What could that be?? We let the dog outside to do his business where he decided to gag up another pile of white whatever on the deck. Then he burped and went to bed like nothing happened.

    This morning as I walked by the den I saw a half eaten bag of cotton balls I had put aside for the grooming van!!!!! Yum! Tasty cotton balls snack!

    My crazy dog has more lives then a cat!
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    cotton balls...hmm, yum. The things our little ones eat!
    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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      Omg,I'am laughing my but off! This afternoon I let my boys out and Alex came back w/a rather poopy butt.I was filling the truck w/water so took him out to give him a quick shot of water.I then notice some stringy thing hanging and I am thinking he better not have worms;it was a 3inch piece of grass I "pulled" out!Think I will take the grass tyvm! lol


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        fluffy "treats"

        I keep my cotton balls in a small sandwich baggie. Its amazing how many dogs just perk up when they see that bag...apparently its a preferred container for treats in many homes. Then I take out a cotton ball and clean their ears. What a dirty trick!


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          I hope he has learned his lesson...cotton balls do not make a good snack.
          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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            Oh, that's just great.. What possess dogs to eat what they do... Cottons balls with no scent, I mean, really..


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              I'd rather clean up cotton balls that the stuff Whizzy usually brings up. He's a poop eater.


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                Maybe when you not home he pops on the ol' vcr and watches the movie Elf. Buddy Elf (aka Will Ferrell) sure liked those cotton balls!


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                  My mom pulled out a foot and a half long piece of string our kitten had all but completely swallowed. The next day, I found another foot + in the litter box. He must have been stuck in the litterbox for several minutes trying to poop a string that long. Poor thing. No more yarn balls for him. Shame really, he was always fun to watch with them.

                  I like the burp though, nice touch dog.


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                    I can relate all to well with the cotton ball diet. One evening last fall I set a bag of cotton balls on the kitchen counter to remind me that I needed to buy more. Calli (my black std. poo) ate the cotton balls so I took her to the vet because I was afraid she wouldn't pass them and I was leaving in the am to go away for the weekend and didn't want her to have to have emerg. surgery to remove cotton balls while I was away.


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                      I have one boy

                      that will eat anything. I am amazed what passes through. He's still in an ex pen when I'm gone, but for instance when I'm visiting this message board, he indulges. When I hear a hard crunch between his teeth I stop immediately and investigate. He gets tired of me taking things from him.

                      Now Cotton balls I would think would not cause any problems. They are small and soft and would just pass on by. If I remember correctly cotton balls soaked in milk can be a solution for a dog having eaten something that might get stuck in his innards.

                      Hmmm white cotton candy, the dog thought?

                      Glad that too passed but not in the end, hee hee.
                      Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                        How Ironic.

                        Today I came home from work to find a few of those cotton face squares on the floor (the kind you put your skin toner on), and I just ignored them, I was too tired at the moment, and my hands were full.

                        An hour later I walked by them and they were in a hundred pieces on the floor. Spike had apparently found them and went to town. This, my dog, that NEVER chews up anything anymore. He used to when I first got him, but not anymore. But apparently there was something appealing in the cotton!

                        Tammy in Utah
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