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Feeding garlic to prevent fleas

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  • Feeding garlic to prevent fleas

    Does anyone feed their dogs garlic to prevent fleas? How much and how often is it needed to do this? I don't want to give them a lot because Brenna's stomach gets upset so easily, but I think it would be better than chemical applications every month. I got garlic powder and I've just been giving them a light sprinkle with their food so far.

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    You can buy Brewer's Yeast w/ Garlic tablets. I think that they are 1 tablet per every 10 lbs. I hope this helps.


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      I knew someone who used garlic for flea control, but I don't know how much they were giving the dog. They discontinued after several weeks because the dog smelled so bad!


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        I used Brewers Yeast w/ Garlic a while ago.

        I tried it but even tho SF has zillions of fleas my dogs never did. I would check and if I saw one i would get vaseline and put some on flea...can't run thru so you wipe it of with a kleenex. My dogs did get bad breath, now nearly 12 it might smell better than usual breath,haha. No fleas here in Az for me. Halle was 2yrs last Sat. never has had one flea or tick. She has no idea about them. Never itchy so far, tho skin gettin dry. Time to care for her skin and pretty clean teeth.


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          instead of garlic, both happy tails and halo makes a natural insect repellent.
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            Call me crazy, I like the smell of garlic. Its one of the few things I can smell and it reminds me of spaghetti and garlic bread. Is it safe to give them a sprinkle each meal like I've been doing? I'll also look into the other products suggested, thanks!


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              Maggy, I'm with you!!! I LOVE the smell of garlic. Our favorite meal is noodles with oil, parsley and garlic. I even love how the smell lingers in the kitchen, lol!