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Memorial Day Tribute

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  • Memorial Day Tribute

    I would like to have a thread tribute here for Memorial Day. without being maudlin. I never lost anyone in a war or tragically. I know some of you may have. If you wish, tell us about your special person in remembrance of them. The soldiers who fight for our country. However you feel, they lay down their lives for our safety so we can go live our lives and groom doggies and support ourselves and often children too. Heroes. I am gratful for all of them. May we take time to think about them and not just think of Monday as a day to sleep late or get a discount at the mattress store. Enjoy your families and friends and have a SAFE weekend. As our tv news says here.... "Watch your kids around water".

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    my sons best friend is in Iraq. He's 19. Same as my son. Scott communicates via e-mail w/ my son when he can. It's been awhile though. i worry about Scott. He lived with us for awhile when he was about 16. His mom and dad are divorced and he lived with his mom who thought it was more important to buy vodka then to pay the electric bill. so he stayed with us so that he could have a clean shower before school in the morning. i hope he's ok. nice kid. made some stupid mistakes, but still a good-hearted soul..


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      I live just a few minutes from a large base, so I see military all day. Especially since many need to board their dogs. I also have several friends that are in the military, a few that are overseas now. Several family members as well. I am so appreciative of the many that serve our country (or did in this case)!
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        Weeeelllllll lets see....... I went into the Army Reserves when I was 19. I remember the first war was just getting started and all was a buzz. I was at some army post for my 2 weeks and people left and right of me were going. I got out of it by the skin of my teeth cause my enlistment was ending. I never looked back. I would fight for this country but not for this president.
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