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  • Update on Raggs...

    Oh, I am so glad I decided to get a second opinion. I just got back from the vet. They did a urine test and a blood test.. Her kidney's are fine.. She has a small infection and cystine crystals. She has way to much protein in her system from the cat food. But it hasn't done any damage yet. I was thrilled to hear that news.. So she's on a special diet and antibiotics...

    Now I wonder why the other vet said she was in kidney failure... I'm so glad I got a second opinion and didn't euthanize her..

    YAY.. YAY... YAY....

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    I'm so happy for you.
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      What amazing news---that is so awesome and inspiring. Never say never....


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        That is great news. Raggs will be around for a long while now.
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          That's great news! I am so glad that you decided to get another opinion!
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            That is such good news! You must be so relieved. I shudder to think what would have happened if you hadn't got a second opinion. You've taught me something.
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              I would write the old vet a letter.
              Nothing nasty, stay cool.
              He does need to know he misdiagnosed.

              Cheers to your common sense.


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                Thanks guys.. I am happy. This new vet marked down that she has eye lid problems, which she doesn't. She had heart abnormalities, but didn't tell me anything about them. And that she needs her teeth cleaned. I just had her teeth cleaned and 8 teeth pulled.. Her teeth are still sparkling white...

                She got an antibiotic injection today and now she's eating and drinking..

                I have her in a diaper though so she doesn't pee inside.


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                  I am happy for you and Raggs,just hope this "new" vet is correct as for me I would be really confused as to the truth.I guess it's a wait and see what happens,or a third opinon! lol Anyway best of luck w/Raggs.


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                    The new vet drew blood too, not just a urine sample.. The blood came back all negative...