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  • Your first dog?

    I just thought this would be a fun topic. Tell us about your first dog, how old you were, where did he/she come from? Your favorite memories.

    Mine was a beagle at age 8, a birthday present and he lived until 12 years old. His name was Butch and he slept with me every night. Would love to hear other stories.

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    A white collie named TAB. She was young maybe 1yr. She would jump fences in the neighborhood to visit other dogs. My parents did not get her fixed (it was the 60's). I was 8yrs old. One day I came home from school and she was 2 doors down in the back yard "stuck" to their male dog. I called my Mom at work and told her Tab was stuck to the neighbors dog. Not sure what she said to me but I don't remember being freaked out after the phone call.

    .......... Some weeks later Tab had a litter of puppies...........

    I know for sure I did not make the connection at the time. I should ask my Mom what she said to me.
    Had her until she was 7 years old. We moved and she kept running away. My Dad gave her to a family on a farm somewhere. I was broken hearted for a long time.


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      Mine was a beagle also! Her name was Cleo because of the "eyeliner" like Cleopatra. I was 13 when we got her, unfortunately she got hit by a car when she was about 1 and did not make it. We then got our second dog Molly a Westie, she lived until about 13. My personal first dog, not my parents, is Augie my German Shorthair and he is now 8. I could'nt just have one so I got Lola my 3 year old mix and Rex my 11 month old Standard. I am turning into the crazy dog lady!
      What does a dog do on it's day off?


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        Mine was a Shepherd Wolf mix... Yep a Hybrid.. Also now knows as the Sarloos Wolfhound. My parents got him when I was 2 or 3. He was great to kids, but would try to attack any adults that came into our yard... He had to be kept on a chain even though the yard was completely fenced. He would hide behind the porch and as soon as someone got within the reach of his chain he would haul butt to get them. I don't know where my parents got him from, but he was full grown when they did get him. After a few years of having him, he snapped at my mom so she was scared for my sisters and me and called animal control and put him down. He was abused before they got him.


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          My family got our first dog when I was about 2. She was a Miniature Poodle who we named "Fluffy". So original. :-) At first she hated going outside and getting in the mud, but with 3 kids to play with she soon got over that! My parents didn't take her to the groomer so we just whacked off her hair a few times a year ourselves. When I was in 5th grade I started 4-h with her and we did horrible. She was about 10 (?) by the time I started training her, so was pretty set in her ways. I retired her from 4-h after I found a lovely stray Golden Retriever, whose owners never claimed her. We had her spayed and I showed her in 4-h until my leader suggested I get her ILP number from the AKC. She passed that application and we went on to get her CD and 2 legs on her CDX before I went to college. Her name was Tara (Tar - a, not Terra) and she was the most loving loyal dog I've known.


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            My first dog as a child was a cockapoo/who knows mix named Cookie. Our neighbor's cockapoo had puppies and all the neighborhood kids would go to their house to play with them (I was about 7). My father didn't want a dog and we all did, so we got her for him for his birthday. How could he say no to that? She was not the brightest dog in the world but probably the sweetest. But looking back on it my parents would only get her groomed a few times a year. I give my mom **** about that now that I'm a groomer! Her ashes are in an urn on my mom's fireplace.


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              Prince LeeLand of Rollenway

              Princey was a Rough Collie and he lived to be seventeen.

              I remember my mom pinning my little sisters sleeves shut because if
              she got near him, she would pull his hair.
              I also remember we used to build an igloo every winter and he would come
              in there with us. Great fun.
              Dad did not believe in dogs in houses at that time (changed later) but
              he built Prince a very insulated dog house and pen.
              He lived to be 17 and I can barely remember he would drag on leg badly
              before dad took pitty on him and put him down.

              Our next dog was Major a Boxer that dad got so soft on, he used to
              let him live in the house, and fed him buttered toast every morning.
              He was food agressive and Dad used to tell us if he caught us anywhere NEAR
              him when he was fed we would get a sever spanking.
              Dad was an x airforce drill sargent and we by golly NEVER bothered
              that dog when he ate his dinner.
              We even had the family photo taken and he is in it.
              He lived to be 9 and died shortly after
              a stroke. Bout killed my dad.


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                I've never actually had a dog of my own, but our first family dog that I can remember was Velvet. A german shepherd. She was a wonderful dog, but she had separation anxiety, and would chew EVERYTHING. My dad took her to a farm. He thought that she would love the room to run, but found out years later that she was getting into the chicken pens, and they had to tie her outside. I'm sure that she's gone by now. I don't remember her all that well, but I do think about her sometimes, and wish that we had been able to keep her longer.
                My first dog that I really remember though is my old beagle, Biscuit. She's the one that I remember being there when I was a kid. She's 13 now. My parents saw an ad in the paper for beagle pups for 25 bucks. They wanted a male, but there were only two females left when they got there. And Biscuit was just so cute we couldn't resist. Sometimes I think about if we decided not to get her, what a different life that would be, lol.
                Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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                  wow we have had quite a few dogs. the first one i remeber was a cocker named tracey. she had a plastic frog that she loved. we ran it over with the lawn mower a few good times it was hunks of plastic by time we were done, we bought her a new frog but she wanted nothing to do with it and kept playing with the old one. she later died of some weird heart problem- i found her in the bathroom one morning when i woke up. the next dog we had was a shiloh shepherd named pahoo (pa who) meaned lil wolf. he was not little over 100 lbs. he lived outside, he scared all the people in the neighborhood when he would put his big head over the fence and bark. he was a great dog. very protective over the family and house. he got heartworms one summer went threw the treatment and kept going. he lived til 13 which is good for a shepherd his size.

                  now we have a choclate lab named rusty she was a stray someone dumped her off at the gas station. and her buddy is a german shepherd named keiser.


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                    There were family dogs, I don't know how many "Peppers" we had, all mixed breeds. But the first dog that I would call my own was Lobo, a min. doxie. We had his parents and I was able to keep a pup from that litter, Lobo. He got his name from some Walt Disney movie with a wolf (?) in it named Lobo. I was probably about 13-14 yrs old when he was born.

                    He slept on my bed, took long walks with me, listened to my problems, loved me when no one else did was my very best friend.

                    Growing up my family lived right next door to our church, open up the back gate and we were in the church parking lot. My family also cleaned the church and got paid for it. Mom and Dad were the ones who scheduled the building, we had keys to get into the building. Sometimes people would come and want to get into the church but had forgotten their key so they would walk over into our yard and knocked on the back door. We had a sign posted to "Beware of Dog" on the gate. People knew we had dogs and sometimes they may be in the yard. Some people learned to come to the front door, some did not. One of those people that did not learn to use the front door got a nip on her ankle one evening when she came into the backyard. Lobo went after her and she turned and ran out the gate and he nipped her as she went through the gate, leaving it wide open. He sat at the enterance and watched her go. He never went out of the yard. He had done his duty and was guarding the yard again. Needless to say the lady never came to the back door again. But unfortuantely my Dad decided to give Lobo to another family, where people weren't coming and going as much in the yard. That didn't last very long because Lobo wouldn't let the husband come into the bedroom with his wife. The guy worked swing shift and came home late at night. Lobo guarded the wife too well. We got him back.
                    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                      That depends on how you look at it.

                      Our first dog as a family was an Australian Shepherd named Dan. I was so young I don't even remember him very much at all. My dad wasn't very happy with him during the teenager phase, so my parents found him a home with older children.

                      Next we had Pretzel who was really my brother's dog. He was a beagle and lived to be 17, he was still going strong but we found out he had a problem with his spleen (I believe?) and it was basically a time bomb and would be very painful for him to go through if it ruptured.

                      We got Peanut who I dubbed as mine, but she was another 'family' dog. She bit a kid and was put down.

                      Next was Marcy, again a family dog that I claimed. She was listed as good with kids and dogs, she attacked Pretzel and snapped at me. We took her to a trainer the rescue group recommended, but she got worse so we returned her, only to be treated very rudely by the group.

                      After that we got Lily, who was without question MY dog. lol She was 7-8 at the time and she was recently put to sleep at the age of 18 or so.

                      The first dog I got on my own was Mollie who I've had a whopping 13 months.


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                        My first dog was Buddy a yorkie he was about 5 1/2 months old. (I think he was probably more silky). I was a junior in high school and worked at the local grocery store with a gal named Cindy, well Cindy's hubby hated this dog, and everyone knew how badly I WANTED A DOG!! So Cindy gave him to me for Christmas. Everyone at work had it all planned out, I was stocking shelves and got called to the front "to help check" here was a wrapped box everyone standing around it. I took the lid off and there he was. It was LOVE at first sight. I took him home at lunch and my Mom said NO WAY! I was crushed, he had to stay there until I got off of work. I got home mad as he--, crying grabbing all his stuff my mom said "oh you can keep him". I swear I was so excited I almost threw up. My aunt was visiting and she talked my mom into letting me keep him. He was my BEST friend in the whole world. He lived to be 12.5 years old. When he died I didn't get out of bed for three days. I still miss him everyday and he has been gone for 6 years. By the way my mom ended up loving him too. Now I have Scoop & Peanut both yorkies and a sheltie named Lucky and a cat named Zip. My life would not complete without animals.


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                          My dad had beagles when I was really small, but my first dog of my own was a rat terrier mix that I got for my seventh birthday. His name was Peanuts. A few years later Peanuts and our other dog Lassie had puppies and I named one of them Pretzel. And I thought I was the only one that had a dog named Pretzel! My dad took Lassie to get spayed while she was in heat, and she bled to death on our back porch when she got home (quack vet) Then a mean neighbor poisoned Peanuts and Pretzel with antifreeze and both died. Thankfully we've learned a lot since the 70s!


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                            I was about 3 years old and he was a pitt bull named Tyrone. I picked him out myself. He was such a lover, and was stolen from our back yard. There are pictures of us playing together and one with a kitten on his head. I apparently ate, slept and played with this dog. I don't remember much, because we only had him less than 2 years


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                              I was 3 or 4. His name was Snowy and he was an American Eskimo. I loved that dog. We had him for a while so I remember him well. He was an outdoor dog. He hated to be inside, he'd get right freaked out when inside. As a farm dog he was yellow very often lol. He ended up getting sprayed by a skunk because he went after it and got rabbies. We could have saved him with quarantine but parents knew that with Snowy's fear of being indoors it would be better to put him down. That was the hardest day because I wanted to come with mom and I stayed with snowy when he was put to sleep for good. I'll never forget that feeling.