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  • just need to vent here

    well i love my haidresser,ive been looking for years for someone to cut this thick hair that has a mind of its own,and do it right well i finally found one about 2 years ago,she does a great job,and i tip her good for the great service she provides,well shes bought in her poodle to me to get groomed about 3 times now,and it was almost a year old the first time it ever got groomed,he was a matted mess,and bit me twice,hes so naughty,but i dont mind working with him if they come more often,i dont ever expect to get tipped,but love it when i do,but i feel im providing a service just like my hairdresser,and she should understand better than anyone about tipping,because she never tips,and i sit still and never bite during my grooming session,it didnt bother me at first but now it does cause dog doesnt get any better,its just frustrating
    thanks for letting me vent

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    I used to do a cocker for my stepdaughters hairdresser. She never tipped. One day I took my SD in for a perm. I didn't tip her. She never came back with her poopy cocker! Didn't bother me! LOL!


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      I think most hair dressers don't. We have three who tip, but it is not the norm.


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        The majority of my clients tip. However, I have NEVER gotten a tip from any client who is a hairdresser. I do think it is kinda strange. I tip my hairdresser.



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          I had a hairdresser client too. Not only she didn't tip or tip me really nickles ( under one dollar ), she either didn't make an appointment and just poped in, or late for her appointments for anywhere from one to two hours. Oh, if that wasn't enough, she also wanted me to groom her yippy dog right the way, asked me to use her human shampoo and complained her dog was itch due to " not rinse enough ". She was also very picky on the hair style, had to be very even, #4 reverse all over and she complained it wasn't very even.
          When I told her the dog had fleas and she should put it on a flea program, she was very mad at me, she said her dog didn't need any flea treatment and it had fleas because she came to my shop ( stayed about 30 mins ), that was the end of our business. Thanks to those fleas' help, truely.

          Just let you know, my own hairdresser loves me, I tip her very well and nevery complain about anything.


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            I liked this one

            This one is a subtle way to remind people of tips.

            Just get a pretty dog food bowl and in the bottom of it,
            place the word tips. Put just enough in it that you can
            still see the word. Put it on your counter.

            People see it, but its not like a big sign in their face,
            screaming TIP ME.

            Always worked at the place I used to be.


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              My hairdresser always gave me a tip when I groomed her dogs. Now we just exchange services.

              rainingcats&dogs-maybe you should start biting and not sit still on your next grooming session, serve her right!! lol
              "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                Just don't poo or pee

                at your hairdressers. I have two hair stylist clients. One tips a 10 percent, the other automatic $10. I always was thinking that being in that profession of course they would tip. You never know, huh?
                Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                  rainingcats&dogs-maybe you should start biting and not sit still on your next grooming session, serve her right!! lol[/QUOTE]

                  That is too funny, I hope the hairdresser won't put her on a ' hairdressers' helper '.