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A stroke of brilliance!

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  • A stroke of brilliance!

    Or at least I thought so. I was wandering through the miserable maze of Walmart shopping for tidbits for the mobile when I came upon the vacuum-sealed storage bags. I instantly thought, what a brilliant idea! GREAT way to cut down on space for towels. How many of you all have a bazillion towels you don't know what to do with when you're not ready to use them? I wouldn't know, I haven't bought towels yet. But I thought, the trailer already has a vacuum in it and a cabinet. Why not conserve space and get the vacuum storage bags. So I got a pack of 3 large for about $12 I think. They come in multiple sizes and multipacks, but I just got the larges. I can't wait to try it out.

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    i used them last year when we went to yosemite for a week i put towels,blankets and clothes on them they did save us space; oh and i put the pillows in them too.i think it's a good idea.