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my husbands weight loss

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  • my husbands weight loss

    here is another update,he has lost around 80 pounds so far,but i'm a little worried about him,last week he had trouble keeping food down and he is afraid to eat now; this morning a made him a soup kind of like clam chowder without the clams(he can't have them)i try to make him soups but he gets tired of the same ones i've even tried coming up with new ones and so far he has liked all three if any of you have any recipes for soups that don't have meat in them please share them with me so i can make them and then i'll let you know wich ones he's liked the most,thank you all oh and we will be going to see his doctor on wednesday we have to wait because his office is in san diego and we are 2 hrs away he comes to the other office he shares in a city 30mn away from us every 6 weeks so thats when he will see him so that we'll save the drive (and gas).

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    Does he like beans? I have a really good recipe for 15 bean soup that I loooooove.
    1 bag dry 15 bean soup mix
    1-2 cans diced tomatoes (I use the spicy Rotel)
    1-2 diced garlic cloves (I use the refrigerated already chopped kind)
    Turkey Kielbasa (optional)
    Boullioun of your choice (I like ham and get the all natural kind from the store and throw away the mix that comes w/the soup)
    1 onion chopped
    salt/pepper and other spices of your choice
    lemon or lime

    Follow directions for quick soak method on beans. When they have boiled for 30 minutes add ingredients and continue cooking for another hour or so. Add a squeeze of lemon/lime when it is almost done. Very yummy and filling soup and it gets sooooo much better if you reheat it a time or two!

    I hope your hubby gets to feeling better and can keep his food down! Maybe those symptoms are from a virus and not the surgery? Huggs coming your way and prayers too!!
    SheilaB from SC