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  • Stolen wallet

    Hubby had our 2 kids and one of my sons friends yesterday. He was at the Y for swim lessons, stopped in the shop, got some $ from me to go to Mc Donald's, then called me from the police station because his wallet was gone! He had it at the counter at McD's, and it was gone when he went to the car.
    He searched the restraunt, asked at the counter, even flipped over their wallet.
    He figures it had to have fallen out of his back pocket and someone snatched it.
    His ATM/credit card, license, SS card are gone. I about flipped..we just got a huge amount of $ from our parents for this house we are supposed to be getting and it is in his savings acct..but I don't think anyone can get to his savings account with that card. Hubby said the pin # isnt in his wallet..he lost that at one time or another too...he's lose his head if it wasn't attached.

    I reported it to the banks 800#, but they can't actual freeze that card until Mon AM. I went on line and transferred all the checking acct $ into the savings...hoping that if someone was stupid enough to try and use that card, it would come up insufficeint least I hope it would.

    I just hope whoever took it, just took the money (bas*ard only got away with $20) and tossed the wallet in the trash. I hope they didn't go on a shopping spree..Im not sure how far they would get. I know some store employees around here don't even ask for ID or even look at the name on the card. And a few stores you don't even have to sign the receipt if the total is under $50. I've used that card several times no questions asked...and obviously my name isn't David.

    I swear we are cursed. Everytime things start going good for us, something bad happens.

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    Hi Jessica,

    Sorry to hear about your hubby's wallet.

    FYI - a couple of months ago the exact same thing happened to a McDonald's customer down the highway from me. The customer left the wallet on the counter, and it vanished while he was turned away tending to the kids.

    As it turned out, McDonalds (I believe ALL of them) have video cameras aimed at the counters. The manager of the store viewed the video, and saw that an employee had stolen the wallet off the counter. They arrested the employee (it was in the local paper...) and the customer got his wallet back.

    Perhaps you can ask the store manager to view the tapes for the time period your husband was in there?

    I may be wrong, but you really don't have much (if any at all) liability if your stolen cards are used as credit cards. However, I believe that if it's used as a debit card, and the user knows the PIN, the account holder is liable.

    - Mary -


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      Thanks Mary..never thought about cameras being in there. I've been trying to call them, but of course noone answers, probably just stop in there in the AM.
      Not sure if he left it on the counter or not. He said he was sitting right next to the door..not sure how much the cameras would catch past the counter..but it's worth looking into.


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        Because someone now has your hubby's ss card you need to really watch your credit report. Identity theft sucks and can jepardize your home purchase, plus repairing identity theft is aggravating, costly and time consuming - sometimes taking years and in the meantime destroying your credit rating.


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          jess, go to, freeze all your credit report info. sign up for identity theft protection...and do it now!!! you can freeze your report info for ever how long you need can unfreeze it when you need to also, and refreeze. this could be disasterous if you don't. this is my opinion and my belief that its true. when you said why is it when things are going great something bad happens? its the devils way of interferring and making things bad for you. he does not want us to be happy...hes happiest when we are miserable. So keep your head up, this too shall pass, and don't let it discourage you...keep the fight up! you'll be glad you did!! and don't forget to go to the website I told you to go to!!! now!!! good luck


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            Happened to me

            Oh about 2 or so years ago. I went to get gas at our local grocery store my wallett dropped out of my back pocket. I did not relize it was gone till after I got to work. So I called my husband to go to the station and retrive it if he could. Stupid me I thought some one would just turn it in to customer service. Oh live and learn.

            I called my bank to tell them I lost my Debit card......No answer (Army bank payday weekend jammed up customer service till sunday) Called on credit cards stopped those Filed a POLICE REPORT you need thoes to reclaime what fund were stolen. Ate alot of top ramin for the next month becouse the SOBS who took my wallet got gas for all there friends went out to eat and bought about $900 worth of electronics from Wally world. The casheir even asked for ID and the lieing SOB said oh I never singed the card. No problem he Looks like a Sheilah he must be a woman. WTFudge.
            Oh they had my ID and SSN card too. Thank goodness (knock on wood) they only wanted stuff for cash.

            Took about a month to get my money reimbursed from my bank, paper work and all that.

            Good luck with your missing wallet adventure.