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Mobile Groomer In My Area Very Ill.....

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  • Mobile Groomer In My Area Very Ill.....

    A lady left a message wanting her dog groomed and mention her former groomer is very ill. It is Connie whos' dogs I have done before when she was ill more than a year ago. Well, she said other neighbors are looking too and to call Connie and get Joan---somebodies' number and tell her you can groom Connies' clients' dog. The message is soooo sad. Her voice is gasping and weak, she says thank you all and apologizes for being so sick. She isn't accepting visitors and can't talk on the phone! I left a message saying I would post here and many groomers on will keep her in their prayers. I do not know if it is lungs and groomer related, but I think it is very serious and maybe fatal. She has children and maybe a husband. She is accepting mail, but I won't post her address. Too bad no email. I don't know if I should post(P M )her address so you could send cards or a note. I have to ask Stephen if he is reading this. You could send them to me and I could forward to her or even drop off at her door step...she lives a few miles away. I need advice as to wether I should post my address. I coud use a friends' grooming shop address w/ her permission. Pray for Connie C