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Bernese Mountain dog breeder?

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  • Bernese Mountain dog breeder?

    Hey everyone,

    I've finally decided on the breed for my family. I've been searching for the "perfect" breed (for us) for several years now, and have finally decided on the Berner.

    I would like to start out getting a female from a reputable breeder with healthy lines, and if she turns out to be of the correct type/temperament, to begin a breeding program.

    Since I've just barely decided on the breed, I haven't started learning about the different family lines etc. I have much more research to do!

    Anyway if anyone knows of a good breeder who I could contact!).. I'd love to talk with them. (if they have a website, it would be great!)

    And of course I'm open to any tips in how to choose good breeding stock, etc.

    I've been thinking about this for over 5 years now, and I intend to become a "reputable" breeder myself.. so for those who might feel that I should adopt from a humane society or should always spay/neuter..., I appreciate what you're trying to do, but that's not the response I'm looking for

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    My daughter and son in law also want this breed. They have gotten a ton of info off the internet and have been to a few of the local dog shows and talked to people. Good luck!!!
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      Good luck. I want an American Mastiff and can't get most of the few breeders to even contact me. One did and I filled out the waiting list application and she emailed me back saying no I could not have one becuase they only go on a spay/neuter contract. I said that was fine and asked how long I had to get that done. Been 2 weeks now and I never heard back.
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        I groom one of these. Hes very friendly...extremely heavy...nice dog.. the owners moved here from california...might want to check out that way.. hes very sensitive though, halfway through furminating him...he has to go potty, and its usually all over the grooming room...ick


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          There is a "rep" breeder in Cali I believe. I think she's in San Fran. I can't think of her name though. Oh she's been on Animal Planet so many times. She continues to check on the dogs until they die. She's excellent. Geez I wish I could remember her name.

          But this link might help you out.

          I love this breed.


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            My husband and I wanted one for a long time too, still do in fact. But we dont have a fence, so we opted for something smaller. A cocker. I really really do want a berner too someday, maybe next year!! They are amazing dogs. We also wanted to breed them eventually. But alot of them come w/spay neuter contracts. Which I think is good generally speaking. Not good if you are trying to become a reputable breeder. Maybe try going to the breed club website? They may have breeders listed there. Try local dog shows also. They usually have info there and alot of people to talk to.


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              Go onto the internet and look for the Bernese Mt Dog Club of America. That is the best place to start. They have a breeder section and also a health section. Good luck


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                Hope it goes well

                I knew a couple of people that wanted Berners and found a too tight group of breeders. There has been historically severe health problems in the breed, Cancer I know and I think heart problems. It was once as common, I believe, that 50 percent were afflicted. The breeders have been totally dedicated, at least most, to getting healthy dogs. Subsequently they end up sort of elitest and stronger with the spay/neuter push.

                My suggestion would be to find a lovely breeder and though I don't like co-owning, in this case offer to co-own to breed for pups/litter back to the breeder. Then it would be the breeders call and the breeders often love that so they can produce without the space needs etc. Be sure to have it so you can get the co-owned signed off, unless you really do love the breeder etc.

                Likely either way you will have to go through lots of talking hoops to convince anybody that you are sincere and want the best for the breed.

                I know it is so important to sell pups with the spay/neuter contracts, but I still think that if hardly anybody breeds lovely healthy pups, then the only way one can get pups is through the poor breeders. I know someone who's son got a Bernese Mountain dog at a pet shop. That should not be the only way one can get the marvelous breeds one wants.
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                  Thanks for all the tips guys! I'm talking with one breeder as we speak, and she's willing to help me! She used to show, and her stock have champion bloodlines, so at least that's on track (and I've seen a bunch of pictures of her stock, very typey).

                  I fortunately do have a fenced yard, and plenty of room in the house, so that's all good

                  Now I have to start saving up for my dream dog! If all goes well, I'll get a puppy this spring or early summer!


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                    Very good.

                    We'll be waiting for the fun sharing.
                    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.