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  • Masculine appeal website heading.......

    Ok, how bout this to attract the male clients? "We can make over your B---- into a sexy little lady. We even sell bikinis just for her."

    I got a new Pet Edge catalog and they have a shi-tzu or lhasa in a bikini. The funniest is the sun dress on a maltese type dog complete with funny little shoes!!! I Lol on that one. Who buys those clothes for their dogs? Ok, I have one sundress for Halle. She also has a shocking pink bikini with black polka dots. But, no body sees her in them. Am I almost as funny as my friend, Hairdevil?

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    hey! don't knock the bitch clothes! My lil Piglet (tiny hairless chinese crested) has lil pink coat, that matches her pink doggie tote, along with her lil pink collar with a diamond heart on it! and yes, she now has 5 complete outfits! I just bought her a new party dress with diamonds and ruffles on it!!! Hello, my name is Cheri, and Im a dogaholic! lol
    I've gone nuts over this dog! shes the sweetest , cutest ever! Mr. Wiggle Lee, my dachshund, is a handsome guy, but hes a trouble maker!! I love him anyway!! But Piglet? oh my gosh, shes cute. I call her my lil China Doll..aww


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      hairdevil,you have a doxie named mr. wiggle lee?that is so cute when i read that i thought of my doxie named ella i should have named her mrs .wiggle lee because she wiggles her tail all the time even in her sleep i just love doxies i have 2 ella and faith,and i have so many outfits for them ella loves wearing them but not faith.


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        I've seen people spend big bucks on cement goose clothes, why not on their dogs? A quick Google search found dog specialty clothes shops with prices starting at $75 upwards of several hundred $$


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          Duh, what are cavy coats?

          I have been a groomer many years but never heard that term before. Please explain.