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  • Advice please

    I walk a dog for an elderly lady with dementia/alzheimers twice daily, 7 days a week. I have been doing this since September & I've had 4 days off, that someone else covered for me.

    I feel stuck!!!
    This is really a non $ making money deal with me. Not to mention I do this 7 days a week!! Because she scares all the other help off with her rudeness!!
    But if i quit, will they make her get rid of the dog?

    I know so little about money & lawyers & such, but I do know how much I love my dogs & I know how she will feel if she loses him.

    Please offer me some much needed advice.
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    Erica, I hope you get your raise. Sometimes, we just have to do what we have to do. Bless you for caring for this woman's pet. I feel what we do for others will come back to us ten-fold in the future. Someday when you need to depend on others to keep your beloved pet someone will surely be there for you.
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

    Groom on!!!


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      I congratulate you.

      Some people have a gift for service. I believe I am one of them. It sounds like you do too. Concentrate on the good you are doing for this poor ol lady. You WILL be blessed for this in some way. Try to serve her with joy, no matter how she behaves. At 87, she may not be a client much longer. You will be glad you stuck it out in the long run. If the lawyer can't get you what you deserve, the higher powers that be, will .I realize all 7 days is a lot to do.Coulod you enlist a helper? What if you get the flu or something? Any backup?