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Lips Vs. Groomers Helper?

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  • Lips Vs. Groomers Helper?

    These products look very similar. Does anyone know the difference between the two or have an opinions on either of them. I want one but can't decide which one...........


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    Do a search!

    Dear Pink,

    Look up to the top of this page. Do a search first "Lips System" then "Groomers Helper" read what people have to say. See how many posts have been made for both. Find out who loves each and ask them why.

    Many Groomers use a combination of both. You may try the Groomers Helper
    risk free for 30 days. All you have to loose is the day to day struggle.

    Good Luck in your quest.



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      I NOW use both :-) I love my LIPsystem and have used it for years. I purchased the Groomers Helper since this past Sunday. I like having both :-) I use my lipsystem for elderly dogs (especially with the hip support). I foind that I use my GH for just about ALL dogs, I am a firm believer in... "if unsure, muzzle). I am using the GH to keep their head (and teeth) away from my hands.