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I Had To Postpone Dog Today......In Heat

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  • I Had To Postpone Dog Today......In Heat

    Due to a messed up day w/ no A/C, I had to reschedule a dog. last thing he said was she has her girly thing...In heat I said. Yeah, I think so. Have'nt you guys said NOT to groom a dog in heat? Infection possibility or just not fun to do. I don't mind if it does not put the dog in danger. He will call me back. He may think I don't want to groom her, but I do. Nice dog.He made the appt quite a few weeks in advance too. It would be the second time for me.Yes/No? Wait.?

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    Amazingly enough alot of the dogs we do that happen to be in heat the owners don't even know. I don't know how you wouldn't notice something like that. It can be kind of gross depending on what stage the dog is in but we don't usually refuse dogs in heat, even with intact males around we've never had a problem. Now if someone offers to reschedule b/c of a female in heat we thank them for being considerate and if we have a place to move their appt. we will. Right now we're booked over 6 weeks in advance so it's really hard to reschedule unless they don't mind the wait.


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      We do them. And we're not even mobile. They don't come in contact with other dogs, so there is no danger of anything happening with that. It is kinda gross, but really I don't mind doing them.
      Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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        I send dogs home that are in heat. It's unsanitary.


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          I do them as well. Just keep some peroxide on hand in case you end up with blood on a newly washed coat


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            OK, I will call to see if he wants next week.

            I agree, it can be yucky. I have done a few over the years. No prob with other dogs, cuz I am mobile. Yes, peroxide is great for getting blood stains out.Thanks guys.