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  • I feel A Bit taken Advantage Of...

    I posted friday that I just received my second IVAC. Today I visited a nearby groomer friend. I let her try my new IVAC. She is going to get one for $100.00 leess from a groomer catalog! Same thing and other Laubes too. I was told by a member here that you can only buy thru a distributor! It takes long to receive and cost the extra $100.00 commission. Money is tight now, and my balance is high on my card. I used it and don't want to send it back, cuz the first one is going to blade guyz for a new lever. Did you all pay thru a distributor, not a catalg or Laube directly? The cost is equal to two Osters. With shipping $360. Catalog is 265 free shipping. I think I paid tax cuz it came from Tucson , same state! NOT FAIR! All she did was receive it and plop an address label on it to me and have UPS pick it up and send to me. + a few minutes to place order. I want to be a distributor for PHX! As much as I rave about them I know I have created sales for them!!!

    Stephen: Catalogs are distributors.
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    I know of a website that sells Laube clippers for a great deal less than Laube themselves, and some other distributers. Granted, you don't have the same color choices you may have, but I'd rather pay $450 for a black clipper than $595 for a colored one. As a matter of fact, many of the items I buy I buy from the same person because of the lower pricing, and I originally found them on ebay. They don't have tons of grooming stuff, but what they do have is very reasonable..and for alot of things they don't even charge shipping.
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