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    Soon it will be HOT in Arizona and by June in the 100s, July/Aug as hi as 118, and average 109-112. My shampoos are in the built in cabinetts in the garage where it will be very hot. The ones I use daily are in the cabinett in the van that sits out in the sun. Will my shampoos be ok? I have no room to put them in the house! It would be a huge job to move all the gals etc. I also have a friend coming to visit 3rd week in Sept. and it will still be hot. I don't want to put all that doggie stuff in the guest bedroom. I won't buy anymore products as they should last thru summer. At least spalavish sample goes a long way and don't take up a lot of room. If I have too, I can put the shampoo and cond. in my moms' old bedroom. I have two guest rooms theoretically.Until this board, I have always left them in the garage. 7 yrs of products in the garage. Can goods cooked before from the shampoos must not have done well. I am sure if they looked or smelled funny I threw them out. Waste of money.Even my blades get hot in the van!Because of Hydro-surge, I don't premix or dilute.Example.: If I left as bottle of water in the garage, it would be ready for a tea bag for hot tea!

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    Would it be possible to get a small window A/C unit and put it in your garage? If it is a fairly small garage it shouldn't be to expensive to run it and keep the room and shampoo's cool enough so they don't change because of the heat. Now I don't know if the heat would actually change them but have noticed a difference in some of my shampoos that got to cold during the winter (they got thick and "clumpy") so I figure they may also be changed by the heat. This is an question I don't remember anyone else asking and I am interested to hear the other responses. Helly, I know you have the answer to this one!!! lol
    SheilaB from SC


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      I'd call the manufacturer and ask them. My guess is that the most risk would be in Oatmeal or medicated shampoos.... Certainly most shampoo companies realize there are mobile groomers storing product in their vans in areas with extreme temperatures.