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  • Not That Anyone Should Care But...

    I received so much sympathy about summons for Jury Duty.After all the stress a faxed hand written letter saying I have no transportation did the trick.My van has a lite on saying "Service Engine soon" I hate when that happens. Gotta have it checked out. Fords do take a lot of abuse. Now I need to make a shop appt.BTW my license plate here and Calif MYSHOP

    Thanks for all your help and suggestions. If she had only told me that 3 weeks ago.

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    Good for you

    Yeah, would have been simpler back then huh? Funny heading though, not that anyone should care. You might eventually get the picture that most of us care a lot. Many dog groomers are sensitive compassionate souls.
    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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      I go sign the petition to the

      glad everything worked out for you


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        Go to Checker or Auto Zone and use the OBD II code scanner. Someone there will do it for you and will give you the code and the reason behind it.

        I just did that on my car today... So I can give you an example..

        My car threw code P0708.

        7 deals with the transmission..

        However a code will only be thrown and the check engine light will only come on if something fails that has to do with emissions...

        So if the alternator or the starter or something large like that goes out, it wont show up.. Only sensors and small things that cost a lot of money..

        Most common thing is the O2 sensor.


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          Oh, I know you guys care...

          I just meant the thread was long from my question and not a groomer question. Except most groomers can't take time off due top loss of income. Ya'll have been great.