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  • Confused about thread lists

    I notice threads say 1day ago, 11 hrs ago, yet they were not that recent from me. Then on the right sometimes my name, sometimes others , but post/thread was mine. I guess it would take too much time and work but I wish they had a date next to them. I don't mind typing the date and time at the end of mine. One about how to post pics is more than a month old, now I know more, if I have not forgotten by now. I assume most recent threads/posts are at the top of the page. I read most all anyway; y'all have my attention.

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    I dont know if its my settings, or if its like this for everyone but... On one side is the name of the thread. Under that is the name of whoever started the thread. On the other side it tells you when the last time someone replied to it was. And the name under that was the last person that replied. The first topic is always the most recently replied to. I dont know if everyones settings are different.


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      I think I know my confusion

      Yes, I do know 1st is most recent and name under on left is author of the post/thread. On right time of most recent view...that was what confused me. Why an old one is high up on the list, I do not know. I would delet some as they aren't important questions the answer long time ago.Most know how to post a picture.I forget if I don't do it often. Last avatar took a while to get on.

      Stephen: You have control of the display order.