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    Does anyone keep their nails painted without having fake nails?

    I really would love to paint mine but I can't seem to keep the paint on, after two days of non-grooming its already chipping badly.

    I can keep paint on my poodles nails longer than my own! It's not fairl, haha.

    Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I can't keep it on mine either. I do get my toes done though But no one ever sees them, lol.


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      I gave up trying to keep my nails nice. Everytime they start to get the slightest bit long they snap of so far down it hurts.


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        I gave up a long time ago. I have noticed though that the quick dry nail polishes don't last nearly as long.


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          I have no problems keeping my nails nice and long, they are naturally hard and fast growing (part of why I don't have fake ones which I do love). I don't understand why fake nails will stay looking soo nice for so long but I can't keep it up on real ones!?


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            Oh, I remember the days when I worked in an office and had long, beautiful, always painted nails. Now, I am constantly breaking them. I hope that someone does have some suggestions, for you. I'd love to hear them.
            don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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              I feel naked without my nail polish. I've found that using 2 coats helps some, but I wear clear or very light colors so when they chip, it's not so noticeable. Maybe the dog nail polish would last longer??? Might have to get some of that!
              Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

              Groom on!!!


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                I gave up my second week of school, same with the hair. I used to get up and curl my hair every morning but after bathing the first dog it was like I never did it so I learned not to waste my time in the mornings. I do still wear a little makeup just so I don't look dead
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                  I go to the nice nail lady and get mine done every two weeks. Even on "fake' nails it does not last more than a week without chipping. Quick dry polish chips even faster
                  If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                    Nail Tech Here!

                    Hello! I have been a master nail tech for over 20 years. I decided that it was time to switch careers and learn to be a dog groomer which is what I have always wanted to be!

                    To help keep your nail polish on, first be sure that your nails are very clean and dry before applying polish. OPI makes a nail prep that you can apply to your nails before polishing that removes the surface oils and helps the polish to stick better.

                    Use fresh professional brand polish. Keeping your polish in the frig helps it to stay fresh. Reapplying top coat each day and being sure to polish the edges (At the tip) of your nails helps.

                    Unfortunately your nails absorb moisture from water as well as chemicals and then dehydrate again. This causes your nails to swell and then shrink again as they dehydrate causing the polish to loosen.

                    Also natural nails are flexable and polish lifts and cracks as your nails bend and flex.

                    I think it is more fun to work with dogs than have polished nails. Besides I really like the look of short nails buffed shiny with some buffing cream and a chamoi buffer.

                    Hey! Maybe I can call my future business... "The Polished Pup"?


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                      Wow, toomuchfun great information, I appreciate that. I think I'll just keep the nail polish off since it seems to be too big a pain, even though it was always a fun thing to have on. I didn't realize what was actually making my nails chip but now that i know, there really isn't much to do about it.

                      But at least I know now where to keep my nail polish for my toes! Haha, I can see my fiance now..."Honey....why is there nail polish in the fridge???" hehe.

                      I'll have to try out the buffing thing since in general I do have pretty nails, I got nice white tips. Always worth a small try! haha.


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                        My real nails are ****. they break even when they are short.
                        If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                          toomuchfun, what can you do for soft thin nails?
                          My nails were just starting to look nice. All of them were about the same lentht and I was even thinking of putting polish on them, just a few days, now they are broken and short again. I just give up on them.
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                            Hi Pixie, Lots of things can affect the condition of our nails including stress, and even certain health conditions. From my experience it seems that most peoples nail problems are the result of exposing nails to harsh conditions, rather than health issues though. Still, I think that it is a good idea to eat healthy and take a muti vitamin and mineral suppliment. Sometimes this can make a big difference in your nail condition. (Just like a dog on a poor diet can develope a poor coat!) Also, I recommend that everyone avoid using nail strengtheners. Most nail strengtheners work by drying out the nail which makse it appear stronger at first, but then causes the nails to become brittle and break easily once they grow out. Also, believe it or not, by having your hands in water all day you are actually drying out your nails! As your nails dry after being in the water, they dehydrate and loose their natural moisture content. Seriously the best thing that I have found to assist your nail growth is the Hoof-Alive at the feed store. It seems to moisturise the nails and skin while leaving a protective barrier that holds the moisture in while keeping the harsh conditions out. Also, I think that having short, natural nails buffed to a shine is very smart and healthy looking! Tre Chic!


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                              I've found that Murphy's Oil Soap does wonderful things for your nails.

                              I did fire restoration work for one summer, and we used Murphy's for washing just about everything. My hands were in it all day long. I expected the worst. But it didn't happen. My hands didn't dry out, and my nails got really strong.

                              Now, I know that no one is going to keep their hands in Murphy's Oil Soap all day, but I started using it a month ago to wash collars. Especially leather collars. And I always used my right hand to swish the collars around in the soapy water, but never my left one. Care to guess what's happening to the nails on my right hand? Yep, they're getting stronger, and they've stopped peeling. So today, I used both hands, lol.

                              Now if I could stop grinding my left nail off....