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  • Walking your dogs

    How often and how far do you walk your dogs?

    I want to start walking mine daily (not counting potty walks) but the problem is I live off a very busy road. So I can either go for a 10 minute walk and turn around because the sidewalk ends, or I can walk along a very busy road with two dogs, one of whom is skittish especially around men or children. (I walk them together because they both have a fit if one gets to go out without the other)

    What I've been doing is taking them 1-2 times a week (on my days off) to a local bike path. I try to make up for not walking them during the week by going a really long ways. Today we walked approximately 6 1/4 miles, and both are sleeping like babies right now. lol I'm not so sure about taking them on Sundays anymore though because it was really crowded today, lots of both children and men so I had to keep pulling her to the side and making her sit until she settled down. (Mostly because of children screaming, running, throwing balls around, etc)

    On a sidnote, I had one guy look at Brenna and say "Now THAT is a scary dog! Is it half wolf half shepherd?" All the while she was cowering behind me. lol

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    i never walk my dogs anymore. i just let them out in the yard to go potty and thats it. i work 7 days a week and what little extra time i do have i spend sleeping or doing house chores. i dont like to walk them in my nieghbor hood anyways since i always see stray dogs running loose.


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      I normally walk my dog for 20-30 minutes twice a day (morning and after work) and only about 5 minutes twice a day (lunchtime and before bed). The purpose is primarily for potty breaks and secondarily for exercise. He's only about 21 lbs so he probably doesn't need as long of a walk as yours, but he's also slightly overweight so I should probably be walking him for longer periods of time. The problem is that during the summer it's so hot in FL and he's black, so after about 15 minutes outside we are both struggling!

      I would also be leery if I were you about walking on a busy street with no sidewalk. I would continue to bring them to the bike path or a dog-friendly park if you have one nearby. What about going there after work each day for a good 2-3 mile or so walk? It probably wouldn't be as crowded as the weekends and perhaps the skittish one would become more comfortable in public with strangers around if you make it part of her daily routine. I think walking 2-3 miles, or about 45 min-1 hour depending on how fast you walk, would be more than adequate for daily exercise.


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        AmySue, the busy street has a sidewalk, but the neighborhood streets don't. I don't feel comfortable walking on either of them though.

        By the end of the day I'm worn out and have no energy to go for a 2-3 mile walk. lol This morning I was ready early (a rarity) so I took them for a quick 20 minute walk.


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          Well, you are better than me, because my dogs go out for potty breaks, and that is about it. We have a big yard that they wander all over, but they generally only wander for so long, then lay in the sun. I did use to walk them a lot though. I know what you mean about not being able to walk them at home. I do have space to walk them, but a neighbors dog is always out, and bothers us and follows us all the way home, ugh. So I have a path about ten miles away that I will take them on. I was taking them everyday last summer, but lately I just haven't felt like it. Too tired after work to go for a walk, especially since it is a pain to have to drive to the path!
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            Every Sunday we take our dogs to a local bike trail and walk about 2 - 2 1/2 miles. Luckily we have a large yard and they get plenty of exercise chase birds and bunnies out of the yard.


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              Our less than 1/2 acre yard is fenced so mostly they're outside playing and pottying on our property. In the nice weather we walk in state parks so there's fewer people and I can let them off leash. Not sure how far we go, but usually go for about 2 hours if not more. Occasionally we'll walk around the 'hood, but not for long, it's more of a stroll than a walk for exercise. My guys also alternate coming to work with me and taking a couple classes each week so they get alone time with me and away from the other dog, plus stimulation of agility class/trials.
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                I'm rather lazy. I have a walking path right across the street from me. It is very easy to walk over and take one of the dogs but I don't, I'm lazy. I have a fenced in backyard and they are let outside a lot. I figure that is enough exercise.

                When we go camping I usually walk them around the camp ground 3 or 4 times a day. But that is to give them a potty break really. They don't seem to want to do it in our camp site.
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                  No Park Within driving distance?

                  Can you drive them to a park, then play and walk? I would not try the busy roads.I need to walk 20-30 min a day. It is getting hot now, so I will probably use that as an excuse not to go.


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                    My girls won't potty when they are on a leash. So they potty in the backyard. Usually they get walked every other day for about 45 minutes in the evening. Some days that I am to tired to walk them, I'll take them to the dog park so they can run with the other dogs.


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                      I CAN'T really walk Spike on any hiking trails or "out back" areas---everyone lets their big dogs off leash, and he's a major target. I am sorry, ejmj30, but I wish everyone would keep their dogs on a leash.

                      I do walk him in my neighborhood sometimes, plus now that I live out in the country he has plenty of space----but he's always supervised because there are "country dogs" that the neighbors think are ok to run around. Not ok with ME!

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                        I walk my dog for about 1/2 hr everyday sometimes twice if I have the time. If you can't walk dog because of busy street maybe try playing a game with them like fetch. That is good excercise.