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Please Don't Refer To My Problem As A Mental Illness...

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  • Please Don't Refer To My Problem As A Mental Illness...

    I am nearly 61 and 1/2 yrs. old. I can't do the things I used to do. I used to drive all over the SF bay area to Santa Cruz, and to Berkeley, Oakland even at night. That was 30 years ago. Many of you are 24, to 40ish, I would have thought it odd too at your age.My fears ,that is. I don't see as well as I used to, my reflexes aren't as good. I can't walk long city blocks. It is not a mental illness, i just know my limitations. If a judge asked me if I cancel dogs I would say only if it rains becuse the van is big and the streets are slippery. About four years ago I was at a right turn red light way out south where the area is growing fast and the dairy farms were closing. 9:30 on a Sat morn I sat and waited and watched a double decker semi with COWS slice my driver mirror and scrape and dent the entire driver side of my van. It could have been pushed over> I could have lost my left shoulder or arm, or who knows. I don't need therapy, but hey, that was scarey. I used that same street, Val Vista last week and turned right to got to a client. It is 17 miles one way to go. I never stopped going there. Several regular clients, all have schnauzers.I will work it out.....because I have to. April12th i hope it will all be behind me.

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    I wouldn't call it a mental illness and I don't know why anyone else would either unless they just are not educated! My daughter has panic attacks, not as bad now as they were when she was younger. I never put her on meds, instead I made her learn to control her thoughts and concentrate on a happy moment to take her mind away from her fears. I have a phobia lol laugh if you will, but my fear is of interstates! or traveling to areas unknown. lol Don't ask me why or how that happened. I will not drive on an interstate alone for no amount of money! forget it, I ain't going lol I think it might have stemmed from the fact that my ex husband was drunk one night, years ago, and made me drive to his brothers 200 miles away. he forced me to drive and halfway there he passed out! I had no earthly idea where I was..when I finally arrived at the city we were going to, I pulled into a gas station and called for his brother to meet me at that location. I couldn't even describe where I was! and the gas station had just been robbed and right after I pulled in, there must have been 10 police cars swarm the place! yes, I think it traumatized me!!! since then, no thanks. I have a co pilot or I don't go!! LOL you're still young!! just lil more cautious these days huh?


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      Um, I believe in your other post regarding this issue you stated you would get a lawyer to tell the judge that you were "mentally unfit". So I would assume a person who is mentally unfit has a "mental illness"?

      Sorry but these were your words and people who go to court and state they are mentally unfit are legally deemed "mentally ill". I'm sure an attorney would confirm this. One merly has to google "mentally unfit" and will receive the definitiion as mentally ill and or mentally delayed as in developmentally delayed used to be called retarded but that word is now considered offensive.

      By the way I never "referred to your problem" as mental illness I simply responded to your plea for advice and used your own description.

      By the way an attorney can not appear before a judge and state you are "mentally unfit", this would have to be supported by doctors and court appointed experts, I think you may want to choose other verbage than "mentally unfit".


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        I don't know what I am saying these days...

        This situation has me quite upset. I can't go pay a lawyer, and i meant what my doctor already stated. Extreme anxiety driving on unfamiliar freeways. It is a fact of getting older for me, even if not for others. My older sister could drive ti the moon if they built a freeway, or Russia, as she is flying ther on the 9th. Sher doesn't get my fears either. Yet she had ahd post tramatic depression from Viewing deplorable conditions orphans experience in Russian and Romania. Her excuse for being nuts. She has always been of the opinion rules are for others never her.You know, I don't want to be tagged mentally incompetant, that will come soon enough. Haha. I, like many have been bitten by dogs, but I am NOT afraid of dogs. Obviously. Like Hairdevil, we all have our hangups, and I won't nor do I need to drive on any interstate. I made it seven yrs ago from N. Calif to Az. I ain't driven back! No way. It helped to follow a friend driving my grooming van up ahead to lead the way.I evn insisted we go on in the dark to Az. It took 8am to 9-10pm to get there. I had my mom next to me to keep me company and awake.I am 7yrs older now. I think we are all a little nutso about something.Phobias


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          Being mentally incompetent is not the same thing as having a mental illness. The vast majority of people who have a mental illness are perfectly competent.

          Having a mental illness is also not something one should be ashamed of. I suffer from obsessive/compulsive disorder, other anxiety disorders including panic attacks, and depression. These are all mental illnesses in the sense that they originate in the mind, and affect one's thought process, and I'm not the least bit ashamed to admit I have them.


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            Yep, your right Helly. People who are mentally incompetant HAVE mental illness BUT people who have a mental illness does not mean they are incompetant. Thats what I was explaining to her. Her words were mentally unfit MY WORDS WERE ILLNESS.

            Considering your panic attacks etc. would you pay an attorney to go to court and say you are UNFIT? Probably not and I was saying she should be careful telling a court she is UNFIT. One can imagine the far reaching connatations that could have on ones life.

            That was my point, obviously I am not a mental health expert but then again this board is for grooming not explanations and diagnosis of mental issues.

            Don't know if you read her other post but that may make things clearer as to what was said in the begining. I believe her other post was something about Superior Court says I must attend.

            I don't appreciate the fact that suddenly her words become what I supposedly said. The posts speak for themselves.


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              Odd side track

              But I'd say being mentally incompetent would not mean mental illness either. What about people with downs syndrome etc.

              Okay, I have a good friend who is a wonderful Psychologist working with severe children's problems. She cannot drive freeways, at least in Los Angeles. She can't handle it. She's had me do her the favor occasionally when a serious need arises.

              I am not afraid of spiders, mice/rats or even snakes, except a rattlesnake near me or my dogs. But jeepers there is a large percentage of people who freak out with one or more of those.

              And yes even if one has mental illnesses it should be no different than saying one has Parkinsons, disc degeneration, diabetes etc. I'm glad some progress is being made in that direction.

              Why there are some people that think being a groomer is crazy. I don't feel that way though. Some people think how smart to be a groomer (especially out of the corporate rat race).
              Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                Mustluvdogs1, I get a panic attack one in a while. I can't deal with driving on the interstate at times. I get off and go the back roads. No big deal. No, we don't have a mental illness. In my case, my hubby just calls me psycho, lololol.


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                  Pink Poodle & Helly and anyone else

                  First, let me say, I wasn't twisting anyones' words acbout mental illness, I was thinking out loud as to how to NOT have to freak out driving on 2 freeways to court. I have been so upset that I needed Pepto Bismal yesterday. I function just fine as long as I am not summoned to drive to anywhere outside my comfort zone. I didn't mean to start a thread about mental illness. I called the court today and the woman said theyu never got the faxes of the Dr. letter, or the twocopies I mailed from the postr office! Yet, the post card said they were reviewed and denied. I was told to FAX another handwritten note saying I do not have teransportation and I will be excused til next til...18mos then they will bug me again until I am age 72. I will fax today and call to insure they get it this time. I will go to Office Max where I get a receipt it went thru! End Of Subject. PinkP , Helly anyone, there is no reason to be upset with me. I was not accusing anyone in particular of anything. Can you get that I saw myself in a bind and was upset? PS with 5,000 members it would take time to contact anyone at the 55+ group to volunteer to drive me. I will persue that as a backup with the adult Sunday class.I Know they are out thewre, we just need a list of volunteers like other programs there. You know the place on Sunday I refer to.