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What Kind Of Cat Box do you use

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  • What Kind Of Cat Box do you use

    This may seem like a silly question. I like cats. I groom cats. But I never had any cats of my own until 2 years ago. Now I have 2. In the past 2 years, I have tried hooded cat boxes, littermaid elite, reg old cat box.....I'm not happy with any of them.... Also cat litter.....what kind do you think is the best? I have tried alot. I have a very sensitive nose, I guess. If I don't change the 2 cat boxes I have everday or at least every other day, I can't stand it.....My mom said I'm going to have to teach them to go in the bowl! Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give me.......Laura

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    My cat's litter box is in my utility room. I use a pet carrier with the door off to house a regular litter box. I keep their food bowl on top of the carrier. I use pine pellets for their litter, it's great, no smell.


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      I don't have a cat myself, but we board them at work and use Schweat Scoop. Love it. My boss uses it at home also, and swears by it.
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        We too ended up wuth cats about 2 years ago.

        And what a learning experience THAT was!

        I bought a tall clear storage bin with a lid. I cut a hole in the top big enough for the cats but supposedly not big enough for my dog's heads (they like tootsie roll snacks....bleck!) Welllll I found out that it didn't work cuz I heard a crash one evening and the lab/beagle had got her head stuck and popped the lid off. I still use the bin, but we put it in a large dog crate with the door rubberbanded shut but propped open with an old marrow bone.

        As for litter, we started with Swheat scoop but changed to Feline pine. There's no urine smell and you can use the old litter (minus the tootsie rolls) for flower garden mulch....NOT veggie gardens!


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          I also use Swheat Scoop. I like it. I use both, hooded and the normal litter box. I have used Littermaid, but with four cats it doesnt hold up well.


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            I use the littermaid mega and I love it. I have 7 cats and I only have to clean it once a day and there is never an odor. Even my mom that has a very sensitive nose doesn't smell it when she comes over. It is great. The litter I use is Tidy Cats.