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Superior Court Says I must Appear, no excuses !

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  • Superior Court Says I must Appear, no excuses !

    I can't believe this post card!My doctor said extreme anxiety and no one to take me to the bus stop. I am serious, I CAN"T grt thheree anymore than I can go to sky arbor and fly a plane!I only drive on one freeway. I would die tryimg to get there. The neighbor down the street works for a limo co. I asked them how much to get me there and baCK. $100 AND 50 MORE TO WAIT And come back in tqo hrsa then another 100 to get home. Even a cab would be 50 ea way. I still don't know where to report to and time etc. I will have to get a poastponement and then pay a lawyer to state I am mentally unfit to get there or be on a jury. If they could see me now and my state and crying, maybe they would understand I am telling the truth! What can I do ? I am so upset, and I am supposed to eat every 3hrs on this diet. I hate Arizona!!!!!I wish I could say I am in California indefinitely...but I will NOT lie. Can you believe this torture? May 11th and I have a dog scheduled tho business is sporatic. I said I am a py dog groomer. I guess if I can groom a dog, they think I can get to the court house. I did not say mobile.HELP.This is unreasonable!!!

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    don't worry, be happy

    can't you get a friend from your church to help you? what about your minister? surely they will come to your aid?? don't mess with the court system sista! They'll eat you alive! you don't need to spend a dime on a lawyer! get a friend to take you there. get your dr. statement take it with you. calm down. say a prayer and an angel will guide you the rest of the way. what lil faith ye have?? read your bible, talk to your friends, put it in god's hands and it will all be fine! promise! if I was close by I would drive you myself...and no Im not flying all the way out there to drive you to court! rofl jus kidn! hehehe but Im not! pm me if you like! take care


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      Could you possibly hire a retired person to take you. If a cab would cost $100.00, maybe a retired person would do it for $50.00. Maybe you could get a Mom to do it in exchange for an evening of babysitting. The people who drive for 'Meals on Wheels' are usually available, volunteer types, maybe you could hire one of them? Sorry I can't think of any other ideas at the moment. I'm hoping for the best for you.


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        I feel your pain. I am an anxiety suffer as well and dont like driving far by myself.
        maybe you should get some anxiety meds if you have a problem with it. Last year right before I opened my shop I was having a time with panic attacks I asked my doctor for ativan and I take half a pill instead of a hole pill when I feel a little to anxious and it calms me to a comfortable state not sleepy. I wish I could help as well. but look around for some help maybe a local support group or ask you local women club or anything lke that that can possibley help with a ride there has to be someone out there that can help you. Good Luck


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          Jane, did you call any phone number on the postcard? I can't believe they'd call you in for jury duty with some piddly little postcard.

          Also, I think you have a very reasonable excuse to get out of it---you're suffering from anxiety and you don't have transportation.

          I forgot, someone mentioned to ask someone from your church or your minister. They can and SHOULD help you, they are your adoptive family, and they should be able to help you somehow. So if worse comes to worse, ask them. That is what those who call themselves Christians do---help others by serving them. It is their duty. They should be happy to help sometimes.

          Tammy in Utah
          Groomers Helper Affiliate


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            I am of two minds on this topic.

            1. If I were the person on trial I would only wany jurors that want to be on a jury, not people who were forced to be on a jury etc.

            2. I guess a judge would argue that if you are a mobile person by trade why can't you mobile yourself to the court house. Even if you took side streets. After all anyone who drives a car as a trade should be able to drive to court.
            I would ask you how many days of work and how many appointments have you had to cancel due to this aniexty disorder and mental illness? I agree don't mess with the court system or you will be picking a jury for yourself!!!

            3. Can't you get a friend or hire someone to drive you there? But why should you have this expense? But you would pay a lawyer to get you out of court then hiring a driver has to be cheaper.

            4. Really sounds like you just don't want to be on jury duty and I don't blame you, no one does. But that is our system and although the system sometimes is a inconvience for us it is still what it is.

            Along with the rights and freedoms of being an AMERICAN comes responsibilites and jury duty is a responsibility.

            Again although I agree it is a inconvience and we don't get paid and all the other reasons we can find to avoid it maybe we should look at it for what it really is...........and what it really means. Sometimes we need to remember there are things in life that are bigger than our needs,wants and fears.


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              My Answers to Your replys..Jury duty

              I tell youn the truth...I would gfo if it were in my town. I don't have anxiety as a rule driving in the (mobile van) 25 miles out 25 back home on one freeway sometimes and surface streete. Drivers here and worse in Phoenix are CRAZY and the #1 red light runners in the entire USA! I don't cancel dogs due to driving except if it is hard rain. I do have one solution oddly. I have a first time client who lives 4 miles away. This ladies' husband was called same place fore the 9th, me the 11th. I thought perhaps I could go with him on his day and appeal to them then that unless we are both chosen for same trial, I can't come back. I know it sounds like I am a nut case, but I just can't drive there. 6-7am would be awful and then coming home would be bad. I won't mess with the system. But I will call Monday and ask who I can talk to that can fix this, or at least let me officially come with Mr. P, the clients Hubby. I would go if in my town but they probably get them from PHX. I just can't navigate there and don't even ask about busses. As for church, I called and will seek hep tomorrow. I can't discuss my church on this board. I will say, it is a mega church and few are able to speak to pastor. He is in Iran for a few weeks. There is a lady who drives people to Mexico for pres drugs every few months. I am hoping I can link up with her, use my car and pay her if all elase fails. Looks like I will be talking to judge April th or 11th. I even thought of venturing out, calling 911 before I enter the freeway and freaking out. That would probably put me in a psych ward...not good for business. haha.I will let ya know how it goes. This is a test of faith. Hairedavil, I had a friend yrs ago who called me tommyjane.. a doubting Thomas was I. Need to trust more, I know. He always comes thru for me.Sorry to bother ya'll with this it is freaking me out. If my sister (6yrs older) could drive on a freeway to Russia, she would do it. She flys out on the 9th.


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                I hope that you can get it all worked out. I have never been called for jury duty, but you would think that you could get out someway. Good luck!
                Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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                  I doubt they would let you be on the same jury together, since you know each other. (even if just as a professional relationship)

                  Can your doctor prescribe something for the anxiety? Not anything that would make you sleepy or anything like that. I know how you feel, I've been in several accidents and each time I get more nervous driving. Now I rarely drive at night, I feel like cars are coming at me even if they have enough room. In addition to that, I have anxiety about basically everything under the sun. lol I have found that sometimes it helps to just give yourself that extra push doing something that scares you.

                  Try going over a map and figuring out a way to get there that avoids the highway as much as possible, I'm an expert at that. lol It may take me an extra umpteen minutes to get somewhere, but I avoid the highways and toll roads. :P


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                    No , Thanks I can't even take Benedryl

                    All anxiety meds make one drowsey. I will just pay for a cab if all else fails. I take a half Lunesta, and invariably get sleepy half way thru ----- on Sunday. and I really wanted to hear it.Right now, I can barely keep my eyes open and it is only 6:24PM. I would love to take a nap. Dogs want dinner etc. Boy, a 6 mile walk burns a few cookies for me, you earned them.Dogs NEED walks according to Cesar Milan. Okay, some day I will start again.


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                      I'm the same way taking meds that make you drowsey. If I take benadryl I get a buzz if I don't pass out. lol

                      I used to be on zoloft and it didn't make me sleepy. Prozac worked even better but I gained 20 lbs on it that I still haven't been able to work off. There was one I tried, I think wellbutrin or something with an E at the beginning that made me hyper and jittery like a caffine buzz. lol Now I'm on nothing because insurance kicked me off and now that I have it again I haven't gotten around to finding a doctor.

                      I'm trying to stick to a diet, so after the walk I had stouffers veggie lasagna (guilty pleasure) but I don't have any sweets in the house...Now I want a cookie.


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                        I just don't need anti anxiety drugs and can't take them anyway. That long walk was the best medicine you could have. On the three hour diet where you eat good fresh food you can actually have a treat! Dark chocolate like Ghirrardelli dark chocolate mints that =1oo calories. Or half dollar size York peppermint pattie 160 cal for 3. I am allowed 200 cals but can't make it 200 so I go for 160 calories instead. I don't drinlk wine, but that is supposed to be good for ya too. major migraine if I drank wine. Welches grape juice is also good in moderation due to natural suger and hi carbs and calories.Just decide to be happy until you get jury duty too, haha.Ps I lived near SF, but don't ask me to spell Ghirrardelli...Gear ar delli with an ar in it. Ar is softly said.Sometimes you could smell the chocolate from San Mateo and then I wanted a brownie all day.


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                          Originally posted by Maggy View Post

                          There was one I tried, I think wellbutrin or something with an E at the beginning that made me hyper and jittery like a caffine buzz. lol
                          Lexipro, or Effexer? (sp?) lol, old pro, mom and several coworkers on it.
                          Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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                            Ya know what helps stress?

                            When I got certified as a CAH I learned about Rescue Remedy, Bachs. You get from the health food store. I have a second bottle that is Olive something. If I cry about something I put a few drops in an 8oz glass and drink it. I took it when I had lasik voluntary eye surgery. They also gave me a muscle relaxer, valium. That is a great alternitive, and not a prescription. Ya know we can with permission put it on a dogs' tongue to take the edge off. Not that great for biters. You probably know about it.


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                              Rapuzzled, effexor is what I'm thinking of. I was on wellbutrin and effexor at different times, one did nothing for (or to) me and the other made me feel like I had drank 5 cups of coffee. lol I forget which was which though.